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  1. Boxer

    Wireless radiator valves.

    I also have the Drayton Wiser system. I love it, especially now that they have improved the App. The real benefit is that it makes it easy to instantly turn on and off the heating in any room. So if there's only one or two of you at home then you only heat the rooms you are in. That will...
  2. Boxer

    Best way to install ducting for a cooker hood?

    I'm fitting a new cooker hood with a 150mm duct outlet. I want the fumes to be vented outside the house and there is an available 100mm vent in the wall about 4 metres away via the loft space. My question is about the best way of reducing the size of the ducting between the cooker hood and the...
  3. Boxer

    Transfers at airports

    TOP TIP.... Tell the check-in desk when you get to the airport and they may be able to reseat you near the front of the plane to get you to the head of the queue. Regardless of whether this works or not.... when you are on your first flight tell the cabin crew that you have a 40 min transfer on...
  4. Boxer

    Patio slab joint mortar

    I've just used Silka and it was a proper job indeed. With the cost of sand and cement nowadays it worked out about £15 more and I did the lot in 30 mins. If your patio is half an acre then I can understand the cost issue... But otherwise?
  5. Boxer

    Things to while away the day watching on Youtube

    This remains one of my favourites. Not woodworking but charming, completely astounding and hilarious.
  6. Boxer

    Amazon seems to be getting more and more expensive

    By my reckoning Amazon prices have become far less competitive, and the quality of goods has gone down considerably over the last few years. Last month I had enough and decided to cancel Prime and give the £8 a month to charity instead. If you want to know what Amazon is really about then try...
  7. Boxer

    Anyone else here a fan of Robin Clevett ?

    I've been watching this guy's videos for a while and I'm surprised that I've never seen him mentioned in this forum. After a searching on UKW I cant find a single reference to him, so I thought some of you here might appreciate his You Tube channel. Admittedly his focus is on site-work instead...
  8. Boxer

    What tool(s) would you buy for £200?

    Some of the tools that give me greatest pleasure in using are really good quality marking out and measuring tools. Things like squares and rules and straight edges etc. Take a look at the selection in Workshop Heaven and the Mirock Square for sale on Etsy. For sure you can get very reasonable...
  9. Boxer

    Struggling With Motivation

    I met a good artist once who had an impressive portfolio of paintings and drawings. We had an interesting chat about ways of working. His approach to motivation and creativity was simple and very successful .... If you aren't feeling it then wait until you are. He was a middle-aged guy and...
  10. Boxer

    MFT Question

    Here's my own bench. It was going to have a traditional top but I changed my mind half way through (Peter Millard has a lot to answer for!). So I bolted on an eBay bought MFT top. Yes it's small but it works and is serving me well until I get a bigger shop. What you're proposing is my ideal bench.
  11. Boxer

    Cut Resistant Gloves

    After starting to take blood thinning meds and then bleeding for ten minutes from a minor graze that i wouldnt have even noticed before, I decided it might be a good idea to get some cut resistant gloves. Went to Screwfix in June and bought a couple of different pairs of what they had and have...
  12. Boxer

    Bench drill - Bosch PBD40

    I have one, it's not perfect but it's good for the price and I like it. The only issue for me is the chuck which can slip at times. But got round this by careful tightening and reducing the drilling speed.
  13. Boxer

    Into motorbikes?

    Love bikes but the fast ones scare the hell out of me ! Had to post a photo of my favourite .... The Bullet. I've been riding this one on and off for a few years on regular visits to South India. Costs £3 a day to hire.
  14. Boxer

    NHS and politicians

    I have worked full time for the last fifteen years as a qualified health professional on the front line - both in the NHS and Social Services. I have had direct experience of both the management and day to day service provision in both areas. Personally I found the management of both to be so...
  15. Boxer

    Removal of stolen images

    I love travel and photography and used to upload some of my travel photos to a couple of sites. It didn't take long to have three of my images lifted and used in other websites. One was of a tropical beach that suddenly featured in around twenty travel agents sites, as well as being used in the...
  16. Boxer

    How often do you get a service for your oil-fired CH boiler

    Had one for 15 years in my old address. Should be once a year....... In reality it was once every two years. Not sure if every 24 months was really cost effective as they need a bit of tuning to keep burning clean. I'm on gas now and the one thing I miss about the old oil fired combi was that...
  17. Boxer


    There's a nearer B&Q than Torquay, five minutes from the M5 junction that also serves Exmouth Its a big one so I'm sure they will have a panel saw in there. Avocet Way, Sowton Industrial… · Exeter EX2 7JF
  18. Boxer

    WIP - My First Workbench

    Hi Morfa Yes mate .... I have been using your posts as inspiration for getting me started on my own bench. So thanks for all the updates. Have you managed to fit your vice yet ? This final step still seems a little way away for me and I am wondering if it will be an easy or complicated thing ?
  19. Boxer

    Bosch Workbench Build

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Unfortunately my roll has slowed down a bit, but everything gets completed in the end. I understand what you are saying about the benefits of joining the worktop to aprons instead of the end rails. I can see that the design I am using (that doesnt have...
  20. Boxer

    Bosch Workbench Build

    Hi Dean Oh mate ... I wish ! I am having to balance this project with completely redecorating the bathroom and putting up 8 fencing panels, plus preparing for job interviews and steeling myself for the inlaws staying for a fortnight. Life never used to be this busy :shock: So I did manage...