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  1. Phil Pascoe


    I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that for what I use a router for now if a switch broke, I lost a 1/2" collet or something went wrong with my big Bosch it's 30+ years old so well obsolete and I couldn't really afford to replace it. It's primitive by today's standards but possibly better...
  2. Phil Pascoe

    Don't presume ...

    Screwfix etc. are cheap. In their "clearance" sale a basic Milwaukee impact driver is £84.99, a basic Milwaukee multi tool £159.99. From SGS (others are available) Milwaukee Fuels are £82.67 and £141.23 respectively. Clearance sale my rectum.:LOL:
  3. Phil Pascoe

    Fobco Star

    Advert ID: 41123 https://www.homeworkshop.org.uk/ Enough money but that's par nowadays. Looks to be clean.
  4. Phil Pascoe

    Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

    Anyone any knowledge/experience of this?
  5. Phil Pascoe

    6" Record vice in Folkstone

  6. Phil Pascoe

    a bit of total idiocy

  7. Phil Pascoe

    Nothing more to say

  8. Phil Pascoe

    For the Celts.

    Nadelik Lowen ha Bledhen Nowydh Da! Oll an gwella yn 2022 re'gas bo!
  9. Phil Pascoe

    excellent service

    I had a set of Versachuck slides from Beaufort Ink that were not numbered and were extremely tight in the chuck, so emailed to tell them this, saying I was happy to keep them - the lack of numbering didn't concern me (with a bit of a polish they'd fit and as I was using long jaws the tightness...
  10. Phil Pascoe

    2021 Secret Santa Photos.

    I'll start the thread in case anyone needs to start early. Keep this thread for photos only for future search purposes, please, you can always post them in the original thread as well for a bit of chat. It'll save people wading through loads of pages in the future when they only wish to look at...
  11. Phil Pascoe

    work clothes

    I bought one of these for £11.99 and was so impressed I looked to buy more. They are so warm for something so light, and at this price they are a steal. 10% off two, not much over £7 each, not much more than a decent T shirt. This is one size and colour but others are available although a bit...
  12. Phil Pascoe

    Xmas is coming ...

    The money plant is flowering again
  13. Phil Pascoe

    anyone interested in axes/adzes?

    This is worth a look - https://www.jojo-wood.co.uk/2018/08/spoon-carving-in-marrakech.html/
  14. Phil Pascoe

    For Sale Versachuck RP/Nova/Patriot/Nexus slides

    I won't bother with a photo, everyone knows what they are. One set (4), I bought them for pen jaws that I've since sold. I kept them because I thought I might come across some jaws that would fit them, but even if I do I'll only be duplicating something I already have so these are gathering...
  15. Phil Pascoe

    weird electricity consumption.

    I have economy 7. The biggest power consumption by a mile is the immersion heater (we have no mains gas). This is set to come on at night (the reason for e7) on an electronic timer. This has a warning light as does the isolating switch nearer the tank, and both come on at night when the tank...
  16. Phil Pascoe

    Sold Footprint chisels

    Set of four, metric. Surface staining, no pitting. I have flattened the faces, there is no pitting. I have ground them, but not honed them - they are NOT SHARP.:LOL: The largest one looks as if it hasn't been ground, but it had been ground too shallow before and I saw no point in wasting...
  17. Phil Pascoe

    Dining table

    I need to make a dining table. I have a surplus of the tiles in the picture, so I thought I'd get some wany edged oak (or something) to make a surround and tile the centre. (I bought four or five square metres of the tiles for £20 :) ). I can colour milk paint or similar to match the frame to...
  18. Phil Pascoe

    chuck hubs

    https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-chuck-hub-t38-702217 Has anyone seen a 1 1/2" x 6 one anywhere? I could make do with the Axi M33 one at a push as I have an M33 backplate for my Versachuck, but I'd rather not keep changing it.
  19. Phil Pascoe

    Sold 2 x 2 3/8" Stanley plane irons

    + cap irons and screws. I've put the irons on an abrasive disc to show there's no pitting. One cap is a bit rusty, some staining on the irons but I don't think either iron has been ground. Nothing wrong with them, but I have three other unused spares already (and seven planes). Not enough...
  20. Phil Pascoe

    Radio controlled clocks

    I looked at some r/c clock movements, but the instructions say not to be used for open faced (i.e. no glass cover) clocks. Does anyone know why? Has anyone used them for this?