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  1. J

    Stuck chuck on cordless drill

    No idea why, I got a new one from Screwfix when mine did that and it's easy enough to swap them over.
  2. J

    Can you recommend a decent hole saw kit

    If you want quality buy individual ones as needed, starrett are good,I haven't tried the Bosch ones.
  3. J

    BucksDad Workshop Build - Cost Estimation

    If you're getting someone else to do the work it's best to chat with them and give them a bit of design input, they'll know what products are available locally and may have a preference on what to use and how to do it. If a product is on a manufacturers website it doesn't necessarily mean it is...
  4. J

    Floor Vs cabinetry

    It's best to finish the room as much as possible first and then install cabinets etc which have been built somewhere else. Certainly mist walls and finish ceilings . I would finish painting so the cutting in round cabinets doesn't show, maybe miss out behind kitchen runs to save a bit of paint...
  5. J

    Floor Vs cabinetry

    Sand and finish floor first
  6. J

    Concrete Shed Base Problems

    Maybe your friend put a slope in for drainage ? Like others suggest two courses of bricks with thick/ thin mortar beds should bring you level. Then lay DPM over and put insulation in with a floating floor over. This will give you a good flat floor, level as well if you spend time shaving the...
  7. J

    New home workshop! (LBC)

    Metal web rafters/joists are great. They span loads, are cheaper than solid timber ,are nice and light and are 3" wide so even your apprentice can find them with a nail. I have used coroline black corrugated and don't rate it much, particularly under trees it grows moss and lichen which weaken...
  8. J

    Wood worktop problem

    I've not seen a crack like that open up in a worktop though slight warping is quite common. You could rout out the offending stave and replace or use a two pack filler. If you spent a lot I think you could ask the company to do it or pay for someone else to.
  9. J

    knock down bed frame

    I've used similar ones before , I think they came from Ironmongery Direct or maybe Screwfix. They're easy to use as no need for dowels which the bolt type require. It wouldn't be too hard to weld up your own.
  10. J

    Foil Insulation for attic

    If you just want to add to the existing loft insulation then it's not the best product for the job. Tacked up to the rafters it will keep the attic space a bit warmer but still allow heat loss from below. If it's laid over the existing roll insulation it will add insulation but also act as a...
  11. J

    UK & Ireland TIMBER YARDS - PLEASE Add Your Favourites

    John Richards and son, Pentraeth, Anglesey, North Wales. Stock of varied hard and softwood, native and imported.also sheet material. Most timbers can be ordered if not stocked, quality is high, they don't keep poor quality boards. Not particularly diy friendly they sell at trade prices so don't...
  12. J

    Electric vehicles - again

    An ev isn't the best answer for all journeys but as you have two cars one could be an ev. I know which one you'd choose to use most.
  13. J

    Foil Insulation for attic

    What are you hopeing to achieve? Stapling multifoil to the rafters of an unheated attic space will not reduce heat losses from the inhabited upstairs rooms much. If you lay it flat on the joists it might work for insulation but will also work as a vapour barrier above the joists exactly where...
  14. J

    New Workshop

    I've used tlx gold which is a multifoil with breather membrane over rafters . The spec was tlx over with counter battens, rockwool in between and insulated PIR plasterboard to the inside. For a workshop you could probably miss out the insulated board which may make it economical and fitting is...
  15. J

    Flooring question?

    It's called a floating floor and is common. The t&g joints should be glued and leave enough room (10mm+) all round for expansion of the timber, you can fill that gap with cork strip or use a skirting to cover it. Make sure to buy flooring grade celotex/kingspan which has a high compressive strength.
  16. J

    Sizing floor support joist?

    It's probably less than an hours work for someone to do .
  17. J

    Sizing floor support joist?

    A structural engineer will do an assessment and specification which may save you more than they cost and you'll know it's done right. For a single beam £120 is about right nowadays. I use SGM structural in Huddersfield and have always been pleased with them.
  18. J

    Adding molding to slab mdf

    Have you tried a glue that is not water based? The tension causing the bow presumably comes from the glue drying and shrinking so a pu glue or coating the panel both sides with sealer first might work.
  19. J

    Canadian Western Red Cedar alternative?

    If Iroko is cheaper than cedar you need to shop around a bit.
  20. J

    Emulsion paint

    Little Greene