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    Dust Extraction

    Hi all Here to pick your brains if I may. Do some scroll sawing and do what i can to reduce dust created by the saw. I have a series of flexible hoses to which I connect a high suction rated vacum cleaner, linking my saw as well as my band saw and drilll press and sanders. But it went...
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    Scheppach DS405 406mm Vario-Speed Scroll Saw 230V

    Hi Guys Still looking for the ideal scroll saw. Came across this one that i didnt seem to see very often. To a novice like me it seems to fit the bill but wondered if anyone had one, or have experience wth one that perhaps they can share their point of view. I hve had my fingers burnt...
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    SIP or Record ?

    Hi Guys Had a go at scroll sawing and made a terrible mistake with a lumber jack scroll saw, lesson learnt, yes you do get what you pay for. I want another attempt at developing my scroll saw work in my revamped 'man-cave'. I have Parkinson's which limits so much what I do, but as long as i...
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    Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw

    :?: Hi all I keep seeing excellent reports of the Dewalt DW788 scroll saw. It seems to have everytihng I need, quietness, less vibration, easy changing blades, easy to carry out openings in wood through a drill hole. But, isnt there alwasy a but, where would I get one from. Have Googled it...
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    Help wanted to cut openings

    Hi all I am a bit of a newbie to all this, and hope my question is not stupid. I want to be able to do a particular job. This is with a piece of 3mm hardboard measuring 12"x24"approx. I want to cut a square/oblong hole about 6"x6" / 7"x5" that sort of size. This will be in the centre/off...
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    textured wood sheet/boards

    Hi all Can anyone help me with suggestions for the following query. I want to purchase a supply of textured wooden sheeting/boarding for use as a wall clock back. Eventually i want to cut the sheets up into 12"x24" sizes, and in the sheet will be mounted a clock face and a picture tile. I...