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    Selling wooden items outside the EU.

    Hi. I have recently joined Etsy to try and sell some of my miniature wooden jigsaws (postage stamp size into 12 pcs) and have noticed the main interest is coming from the USA. I know wooden goods can't be sent to Australia but am unsure about any import regulations in America. Does anyone...
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    Poplar Plywood

    Hi. Does anyone know where I can source some 6mm Poplar plywood? I've searched the internet with no success, unless I have it shipped in from the USA. Thanks Roy
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    Birch Ply

    Hi everyone. I've been looking around for birch plywood recently and have used Hobbies. I was very satisfied with their product, however I have seen what looks to be the same product on SLEC web site much cheaper. Has anyone used this company and is the plywood good quality? It has been too...
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    Upgraade scroll saw

    Happy New Year Everyone. I've eventually made up my mind to buy a better scroll saw and am asking for some help. I've been scrolling on and off for a few years with a Delta saw and although I like it, I want to upgrade. I retired this year due to poor health so finances dictate what I buy...