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  1. J

    Wadkin PP fence question

    The rip fence can now be locked down - it was just bottoming out so a washer sorted that - but it fully locks the assembly, rather than just locking the block holding the fine adjustment. The fence has obviously been snapped and welded, then machined flat again and had the sliding blocks...
  2. J

    Wadkin PP fence question

    Thanks Vann for your help - that pin might be correct. I had a quick look at the hole but haven't measured it - it could be 5/8". I presume there is a base plate and a spring and a shaped pin through that hole to pull the tapered pin down with? Couple of snaps of my er, hole..
  3. J

    Wadkin PP fence question

    Thanks vann I had no idea my wadkin knowledge was so out of date! I feel better knowing it’s more like 50 than 40 😁. One part I will need to make is a sliding table retaining pin - saw is a bit of a one trick pony at present. Can anyone provide pictures of theirs?
  4. J

    Wadkin PP fence question

    Fantastic replies thanks to all. Getting late now but will get out there and check all those holes, grubscrews etc in the morning. The cast-in blocks are there and not terrible, though there is a little slop. I think the issue with not locking is the dovetail key bolt bottoms out in the...
  5. J

    Wadkin PP fence question

    Evening all, not been on here for a while but just acquired this late but rather tired PP (PP 900, tested 1982), and first on the list of repairs is the rip fence, which is a mess. Is it even a PP fence? Looks much older to me and is not the same colour as the saw. It's obviously been broken...
  6. J

    Forum users' Table saws

    Finally, a 12" bgs I had the big sip, hated the uneven table and non-parallel fence, then a nice solid Jet 10" US model which had no RK or even a splitter, tried the bork but hated it, then got a TSCE-12R which cut beautifully but had a sliding table that didn't suit me - made it too expensive...
  7. J

    I lost an arm and a leg to a table saw

    er, fair point! Can I retrospectively insert the word 'almost' into my post?... :oops:
  8. J

    I lost an arm and a leg to a table saw

    This is a fascinating and very informed thread, but I think there's also the simple fact that today's stuff is built to a budget to a degree that old stuff wasn't. By the time that budget is big enough that there are no significant engineering compromises, it's beyond the home workshop, and...
  9. J

    wadkin bgs question - calling scrit!

    Hey mine's a 12, have never seen a 10 tbh. Only just got it after a lengthy search, so decided to compromise on the splitter, esp as it is actually present, as are extraction, xcut fence + flipstop and even the fixed mitre fence. Haven't actually powered the thing up yet but looks pretty clean...
  10. J

    wadkin bgs question - calling scrit!

    Hey all, I'm sure Scrit will be along any time to answer the following: :) Is it feasible to upgrade the early splitter-type Wadkin BGS to take the later riving knife? Not interested in BORK's or any other bodge (been there....), only in what I'd need to do/change to upgrade a 1964 pre-RK BGS...
  11. J

    Setting up Wadkin BGS saw

    Thanks guys. I've already got an incra mitre gauge so halfway there :)
  12. J

    Setting up Wadkin BGS saw

    Yes, sorry, what I meant was, if you take the crosscut fence off, eg to do some ripping, how much work is it to get it to 90deg when you put it back on?
  13. J

    Setting up Wadkin BGS saw

    Hi, old thread I know but just wondered how you like your BGS? I nearly bought on a while ago but I went for a new Axminster TSCE12-R instead, and I'm starting to regret it. The TSCE makes beautiful cuts and the ripping is great, but the sliding table isn't. There's too much slop in the...
  14. J

    Axminster digital calipers

    I recently binned my collection of cheap, unreliable digital calipers and bought a starret dial caliper on fleabay. £35 but it will never need a new battery (or anything else) and I trust its readings.
  15. J

    CNC Milled Cairngorm Table

    What a project. I have to admit I applaud the choice of subject as much as anything (and the great thing about the gorms is the summits are nearly all at the same level!) but a very impressive project. I shudder to think what the blank alone cost you! Can I have one?
  16. J

    Workbench Advice

    So Sam - how's that bench coming?! A minor tidy in my garage has turned into a major refit and a new bench is part of it, so this is all v interesting (well, maybe not the mass vs weight part...). I see a Paul Sellers pastiche in my future, but knocked up as quickly as humanly possible, so no...
  17. J

    Garage/workshop woodburning stove advice

    Surely most DX systems in garage workshops will exhaust back into the shop? In which case there is no air extraction as such?
  18. J

    WIP - My First Workbench

    Nice thread, and I must say it's very refreshing to see somebody posting work that isn't utterly perfect! But you just cost me about 2h as I'd never discovered Paul Sellers before. Now I'm feeling a bit ashamed of my machines, but even more keen to build a proper bench. I dropped on some...
  19. J

    M Power TS 300 Vs Axminster TSCE-12R 305mm Table Saw

    Bumpette...I've decided I might fancy one of these myself, but don't have any more info unfortunately, except that the top JET machines look related, and carbatec in oz appears to also source the same machinery. Edit - I think they Union-One appear to be the originators...
  20. J

    Tool reviews

    Not sure if it helps but the MPower TS300 appears to be identical to the Axminster Plus TSCE-12R, although it could be that one has better QC or something. I'm looking at this/these saws myself atm, so interested to see what you find out