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    Views on this bench?

    Morning all, The wife has just sent me a link to a workbech for sale in our area https://www.gumtree.com/p/tool-storage- ... 1303305571 I've uploaded an image just in case something wrong with the link. It comes with a record vice (not fitted), I personally think for £30 it's a good deal, any...
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    Trimming ends help

    Hi all, I admit my sawing isn’t the best, but today I actually realised that I have a slight lean to the right which no matter how hard I try I just couldn’t shift. My wife has told me to just keep practising but I had an issue where I needed to shave 1mm off the end of a piece of 2x2 but I...
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    Hi (again)

    Hi everyone. I joined the forum quite a few years ago but had lots going on since then. I now am a skint home owner and trying to do some DIY with wood and it reminded me of that nice forum I joined many moons ago so I thought I would pop back and have a look around. So I just wanted to say hi...
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    Newbie saw issues

    Hey everyone I bought this sawhttp://www.screwfix.com/p/stanley-fatmax-back-saw-jetcut-11tpi-14/85480# and I needed to cut a 15mm thick board to fit by a pipe. I tried to cut 2 down cuts then used a chisel to cut the chunk out |_| but I couldn't get the saw to cut very well. It's a backsaw so I...
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    Aldi Sunday Special

    For those who don't know Aldi have a couple of power tools on offer for Sunday 9th (tomorrow) only. >Aldi Offers< Don't know if they are any good. Anyone bought similar from Aldi? HLA91
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    What saw do I need and anything else I need?

    Hey everyone I have decided that I will try a small project to see if I really enjoy woodwork or if its just in my head. I saw the plan for a saw-horse here **will post link in my own reply as that will be my 4th post so I can insert link** (if anyone thinks I should try a simpler project then...
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    Where to start

    Hey everyone Basically I am looking for some advice as I want to do something more hands on than my current path which is computing. Probably not as a full time profession but more as a side hobby/handyman, I am interested in carpentry and working with wood and small scale construction but I...