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    Workshop design help

    Hi all, need some inspiration, imagine this is your new double garage (internal) and you are a DIY/hobbyist wood worker. You’ve managed to negotiate over half the garage space from your wife to use solely for work working. The Non grey area is what you have to work with. how would you setup...
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    Consumer unit drafty and tatty replacement help

    Hi all I want to replace our consumer unit "cabinet" for reasons above. Any ideas on how to fill it in to seal as best I can and whether or not a more flush effect can be attained Or easier just to replace the front and repaint so tidy . That won't get rid of draft though
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    Electric box ideas

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    Electric box ideas

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    Electric box ideas

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    Electric box help

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    Electric box cover help

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    House purchase, sewer under house

    Does anybody have any experience or knowledge on both house purchasing and development where the house sits slap bang on top of a main public sewer. I am referring to a sewer which appears to be fed by most of the village c.100+ houses which runs down through the entire village. Just got the...
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    Beginner Tools

    Hi I've decided to take up wood working. My initial idea is to begin practising some basic techniques on scrap, before making a rough work bench. I aspire to eventually be able to produce a good quality desk, side table, tv unit and bunk beds. Over the years I have collected various power...