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    What was the name of that to show?

    Is that the fellow that looked like Tony Blair
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    Can Trend Airshield filters be sterilized?

    I have a cpap unit for sleep apoena. I purchased a small ozone denerator to kill anything that lurks within. About £20 from banggood. Very easy to use.
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    Is this aquarium cabinet strong enough?

    I kept fish for many years and never did well on wood floors. The vibration when someone walked across the floor upset the fish and kept them in panic mode. Moved to a solid floor and they thrived.
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    Craftsman Molding Head Set, use on table saw. (SOLD)

    Far safer is the magic moulder from the USA. It's on you tube . I have some surplus cutters and moulding head if anyone is interested at less than half price.Harry
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    Aldi Angle Grinder

    Went to Lidl to buy the diamond discs (4) and the cutting discs (12) The size was 125mm which is a bit big for my old B&D grinder so bought the Parkside grinder so they would fit.I love Parkside stuff. The batteries can be a bit hit and miss. I have had two refuse to charge but a quick e-mail to...
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    Now that I have rebuilt the ras I have more problems. The saw starts up and spins but has all the power of a Fisher price toy.If you offer up a piece of wood it stops the blade. Am I right in thinking this is a duff capacitor? Harry
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    The beast lives. Temporarily wired it to the supply and it sprung into life. Next job is to wire my on/off switch into the works and away we go.The only difference is losing the no-volt release function but I can live with that. It's wired to a 16amp circuit so I switch off at the breaker after...
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    I have a capacitor which I uncoupled. It has two white wires. Presumably one goes to the black wire and the other goes to the......Live?
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    I am pulling a radial arm saw to bits as I cannot get a new switch anymore. (dw1201) I thought to wire the motor direct then break the live with a switch. There are four wires coming from the motor. The usual brown,blue and earth plus a black wire. When I wire the other three to the mains...
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    Just bought a Eumenia saw from E-bay. After watching a few vids on you tube I have seen two different ways of cutting. The first way, like a r.a.s. is pulling the saw towards the operator. The other vid showed a guy pushing the saw towards the rear of the column. Is there more than one right way...
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    Clamping Pressure Of Aldi Clamps

    Beware of cheap spring clamps. I had some from the pound shop and one of them exploded while under pressure. One of pieces narrowly missed my eye. I was surprised at the velocity of the flying bits. I would not have considered clamps a safety issue until then.
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    where can i buy an on/off switch for a Dewalt radial arm saw

    I replaced the switch on my dw125 powershop a few years ago at the exorbitant cost of £60 for the switch only. 6 months ago I was putting castors on a junior whitehead bandsaw when I tipped it up and it landed right on the radial arm saw switch. I was wondering if a 10 amp rocker switch would do...
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    Lizards - Help please - DON'T laugh!

    You need a fishing rod, (without the hook). tie a slip knot in the line and the lizard will allow you to approach it up to a certain point. Use the rod to place the noose over it's head and pull tight. The professional lizard catchers figured out that as long as you are not too near the lizard...
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    Has anyone had success using Hammerite (hammered) on Wood?

    I once made a large stand to hold 12 fish tanks out of angle iron and dexion. Above the tanks I used 2 x 1" for hardboard sliding doors. I painted it all with silver hammerite and it looked pretty good even if I say it myself.
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    Moulding heads?

    Look up 'magic molder' on you tube. I have one of these and they are fantastic and reasonably safe compared to the steel varieties used in the u.s.a. The snag is the price.They are not cheap but when you see the amount of carbide on each cutter you will appreciate the quality. If anyone is...
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    Aquarium stand - rustic (aka cheap!)

    Consideration should be given to the floor that the aquarium will stand on. Whilst a wooden floor will stand the weight it can also register bounce when someone walks across it.This is not good for the occupants of the tank and can severely stress them. I struggled to keep fish on a wood floor...
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    Coming up at Lidl Ireland

    I modded mine to use a larger diameter hose to clean vivariums. The substrate I use is shredded cardboard and clogged up easily with the original. The power take-off is a godsend especially when up a ladder with a drill in one hand and a hose in the other. Harry
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    Electric or Air Nail Gun

    I have used air nail guns for a few years. As my workshop is down the cellar I purchased an extension air line about 50ft long for the rare occasion needed to use upstairs. It looked decent enough for E-bay being rubber so I made a spool out of chipboard to keep it off the floor. 18 months later...
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    More stuff at Lidle this week UPDATED

    I bought one of these and spent 4 hours trying to assemble it. It turns out that the pieces that you push down to lock the legs were riveted on upside down making it impossible to assemble correctly. It can be remedied by removing them and assembling the right way up. I bought another one...
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    Yet another "what is it"

    Is it a thing for getting boy scouts out of girl guides?