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    BobScarle - I'm on board - WIP

    Ok. So it's not too much at the moment, just an idea. I am still working on the drawing, but I will post that in the next day or so. I am hoping to make a dressing table (don't get excited not even Dodge could do that) out of ash. My competition project will be a desk / dressing table tidy box...
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    Open workshop / charity day

    I am certainly up for a visit, depending on the date of course. And you are not too far away either. I would prefer the Sunday so a weekend event is perfect.
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    Dodge's latest Challenge - Don't get Bored - Get a Board!

    I am sure that I have a nice piece of ash in the garage. Must be about the right width, just need to cut it down to conform to the rules. What to make with it it......Not sure at the moment. Some sort of desk tidy, a box, what about that little side table I wanted to build. Ok, please count me...
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    It's sharpening captain, but not as we know it!

    I am always amazed at the work of Willard Wigan. Take a look at some of his sculptures: http://www.willard-wigan.com/gallery.aspx
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    Woodworking Competition - The Results!!!

    I would like to add my thanks Roger for organising the competition and also the judges. Well done to the winners. No, well done to everybody! The standard of workmanship of all of the boxes was unbelievably high. I really enjoyed taking part and my box has already gone to another home (hope she...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Andy. I know what you said but I don't understand why you say that it is obviously wrong. I am very pleased with the way the box turned out and I think the hinges look good. I do not think they are "Obviously wrong" as you say. If you don't like them, then that is fine, it's a personal...
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    Box Challenge WIP Threads index

    It's been a really good competition, the standard has been exceptionally high. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks to Roger for organising it. My effort has already gone to a new home, a friend's daughter, and they love it. How is the judging to be done? Is there a panel or is it just...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Not too sure I understand that comment. The hinge looks good now, yes it is sunken a little, but it is not unattractive. Round corners? The tray is made from chestnut and maple. The wood is the same as the lid but the difference is obvious to see, there is a lot more contrast.
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    So, this is it! The box is finished. The hinges have been fitted and a small handle / finger lift fashioned from a maple off cut glued into place. The box has then had several coats of shellac and a final buff with wax. The pictures........ So there you have it. A jewellery box made from...
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    UKW - Sharpening Bonanza Get Together

    I was so much looking forward to this event, but it looks like I am going to have to pull out due to a double booking. Very sorry, but at least it will give somebody else a chance. Bob
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Ok, so a little bit more progress. Although after looking at Andy's box I am not sure it's worth it. I have now lined the bottom of the box and the tray with a burgundy baize. Simply glued in with PVA then cut to size with a scalpel. The next job was to fit the tray supports inside the box...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Andy Just popped out to take a couple of pictures that I hope will explain a little better. The sides of the box are slightly taller than the front and back. About 5mm difference. This is one of the reasons why the lid must sit down properly and not be higher at the back. It would be noticeable...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Andy Thanks for the links. The top one looks interesting. At £13 for the pair, they work out at about half the price of Brusso hinges, although they don't have a stop. The bottom link to Ian Hawthorne's page is less interesting. Quadrant hinges (or Smart or Neat Hinges for that matter) will not...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Bit of progress. The tray has now been dovetailed all round. The tray will have two dividers in it so, time for a quick jig. One piece of 18mm MDF to which I screw a short bit of scrap. At right angles to that I screw a small strip of 6mm MDF. I put the two tray sides in against the sides of...
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    Workshop Insulation and Foundations

    Hi Dean. If you are going to use a bought wooden shed then I assume it will have a floor in it. My 8 x 16 shed sits on 6 wooden sleepers which are bedded on gravel and held in place by fence posts set in concrete. There is good air flow under the shed. Over the top of the floor I put underlay...
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    Melinda Box Wip - finished

    I've never used polyurethane from an aerosol before but I guess it would behave much the same as brush on. As far as denibbin is concerned, I keep a piece of well used 240 grit for just that. I give the surface a very light sanding once the finish has had plenty of time to dry. Wipe over before...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    Found a hour or so today do do a little more in the shed. Found a couple of pieces of maple to make the tray supports for inside the box. These are planed and shot square and will be fitted once the base has been lined. A bit more maple and chestnut make up the four sides of the tray. Cut to...
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    Bob Scarle - Box - Now Finished

    A little bit of an update, but not much. Well, it's glued up! No going back now. The dovetails went together quite well, nice and tight, even to the extent that I didn't clamp it. The base is made from a piece of 6mm mdf that will be covered later by a piece of felt. I like the grain in the...
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    Welcome Dan. You will find people on here friendly and knowledgeable. One thing to remember though, we like pictures!
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    This will make you take a second look

    I don't think I could live with that!