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    Not new but good!

    Thanks you 👍
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    You must have some size of a workshop 😀
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    Choosing a scroll-saw. Why pay more? the answer is here.

    Thank you for the videos, I learned a lot in a few minutes and the knowledge will help greatly in search for a saw
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    Thanks for the quick reply, I knew it was expensive but in very good condition, person paid around double that for it a few years ago, it seems a top quality saw but is expensive, I guess I will just be patient and wait on the right saw at the right price, still a few months till I retire so...
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    Hello, new member here, Could I ask a question and I have done research with the search button and web searches. I am planning a scroll saw and am looking at a Delta q3 18 variable speed. It is priced a 400 with a stand and look very good in condition with little use. As far as I can see these...