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    British Alcosa Hand Cranked Blower and Ancient Forge

    I don't need but have one of these (had it for years) the forge/legs etc are rusty and realistically need replacing, however the British Alcosa hand cranked blower seems pretty good. Perhaps the value is in the blower? Could someone advise please
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    Woodworm.............. and how to remove chisel handles

    I have been given a gaggle of turning tools and yes good thanks - but 3 have woodworm exit holes, 1 almost crumbled so blade removed and handle gone. The other two, 1 by Sorby and 1 anonymous both have a few holes but who knows whats going on inside. Cant risk keeping them Getting to the point...
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    Robert Sorby twin bar variable speed lathe

    Good afternoon Has anybody got one of these? are they any good? any reviewing comments welcome please thanks
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    Robert Sorby Lathe with variable speed control

    I have been offered (to buy not free) a Robert Sorby lathe 48" bed which has 5 speed/pulleys but this one has the variable speed DC motor with a Dart Controls Inc electronic speed control. Only seen photos so far but it looks in superb condition any ideas what its worth please Looks very similar...
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    Gtech Cordless Combi Drill Bundle any good?

    I confess to being the owner of a Gtech battery hedge trimmer via a Birthday gift - very dubious at first but in fairness its pretty good for places out of reach of multiple extension leads. Purchased by my wife who has a Gtech vacuum cleaner which is also good Now the madness season for buying...
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    Aldi selling Ferrex Belt and Disc Sander

    Just seen this - my very old machine is past it - any views on any good £89.99 36 month warranty
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    Stihl petrol blower kill switch repair

    This might be called a how to fix it entry and praise for the SH55. Ive had this Stihl SH55 petrol engine blower for at least 20 years, very reliable its only used at leafy times of year such as now, maintenance wise only to change the primer bulb and a plug in all that time. However this year a...
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    Just a 10 minute Planing task brings a good result

    Just thought I'd mention how I spent a little while today. So take a couple of cheap double sided Tesco Bamboo chopping boards that that been in daily use in my kitchen, cutting bread meat vegetables making tea and whathaveyou and of course they get wiped over scrubbed a bit to keep clean...
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    Hacksaw which to buy

    I use a hacksaw from time to time and a while ago my Eclipse hacksaw went walkies so working on the basis it would find its way home and I had a small job to do I bought a cheapy Rolson brand threw the blade away and used another. Yes did the job its badly made and it would only hold the blade...
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    Coronet Minorette or Minor Drive Belt Size

    I have a Minorette and want to buy a new drive belt from a nearby business that sells these goodies. Does anyone know the size/length and belt profile please or please tell me the markings on their existing belt - I think the Minorette and Minor have the same motor headstock setup. Hope someone...
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    Coronet Minorette Lathe Headstock Bearing

    I have just acquired a Coronet Minorette lathe (with various attachments) and found the headstock bearing has a bit too much play - oiled the bearing and it gently seeped out which is probably fine, So how to adjust the bearing? perhaps its by moving tightening loosening the notched circular...
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    James Panton Warranted Aberdeen Plane advice please

    Over the years I have accumulated a number of planes both wood and metal varying shapes sizes condition and purposes I now have time to potter about/look at them and sort out those I don't need or would be better placed in the hands of an-other for use, preservation or whatever. Here is a few...
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    teknatool Nova 3000 lathe bed extension

    I sold my Teknatool Nova 3000 lathe some years ago but the purchaser decided he only needed a short lathe so the lathe bed extension stayed with me in dry storage, its unlikely I will ever use it so it will probably go up for sale soon. It’s barely used and in very good condition - adds useful...
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    Seeking some history of Swearby Sheffield Chisel's

    So I have come across a really nice 1" tapered former chisel made by Swearby, its a name I have heard previously but this time I googled around to find something about the, history and suchlike. Failed miserably all I came across was a few chisels for sale and and some tools I swear by! If...
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    Blackthorn - not Blackadder :)

    I have some Blackthorn thats been growing taller and taller over the last 20 years or so to the extent that the main trunk is now 6" or so in diameter and in the recent wind has fallen sideways (wet ground) from the field adjoining the end of the garden and now I reluctantly need to gradually...
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    And another what is this tools called/used for post?

    Good afternoon folks Well I invested a couple of pounds at my local knick knack emporium in this thing, just because it feels nice and if I knew what it was I could use it purposefully! Boxwood handle overall about 6" long with the steel part sort of screwdriver shaped, yes with a little work it...
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    Woodturning Woodworking Magazines

    I am doing a bit of tidying - and have rediscovered a large pile of woodturning woodworking and suchlike magazines that I have given/accumulated/bought with things over the years a mix (not every edition) from 1980's. Is anyone interested here before I sort them into whatever amount/years and...
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    Bench grinder/linisher

    So while idly looking at lathes and stuff on bay the other day I noticed (and subsequently was outbid) someone selling parts off a dead lathe, was nearby - I noticed he was also selling a little used bench grinder £5 start price and although I don't really need another one it was smallish and...
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    Record or Stanley planes used prices

    Ive been looking at eBay for prices of used No 4 planes - so many out there but Ive noticed that a regular Stanley always seem to attract a better price than a Record for the same sort of age and condition. Any idea why?
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    J Marples of Sheffield made it but what is it?

    So I popped into my local arty tarty shop where they sell all sorts of new/old/recycled things ranging from vintage clothes to a cake icing supply shop - they also have an old tools area. I have previously bought a few tools and a plane, their things are usually cheap, labelled wrongly old...