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    Roy B's Puzzle pictures

    Thanks for posting my photos Steve. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I simply can't get photos to copy to this site..... :? Carter Johnson must take a lot of credit for his help in making the puzzles as he did quite a lot of tuition via emails. Carter recommends using an 8/0 jewelers...
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    Fitting new blades

    Hi Gill. I have been making the small jigsaws for a while and initially I bought a pack of old stamps from WHSmith but now use photos that I miniaturise. I can't for some reason (probably operative error :oops: ) post photos but I can send an email with some examples if that would help...
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    Quick release clamp.

    Hi Eugene. I have the Axminster AWFS18 (the Hegner clone) and have the Hegner quick release clamps on both bottom and top clamps. I had to take the bottom guard off to do it. I need to have the quick release on both clamps as my dexterity isn't what it used to be. I also have a Delta 40-570...
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    Hi Carter. That's another brilliant puzzle. I hope Jean doesn't take too long putting it together. Hope you are well and Wendy is still getting her walks........ Best wishes Roy
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    Selling wooden items outside the EU.

    Thanks for the information. I'll have to give it a try and see what happens.... Gerard. I couple of people we know have emigrated to Oz and upon arrival all their wooden items including furniture were impounded and they had to pay to have it treated before they could take it into the country...
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    Selling wooden items outside the EU.

    Hi. I have recently joined Etsy to try and sell some of my miniature wooden jigsaws (postage stamp size into 12 pcs) and have noticed the main interest is coming from the USA. I know wooden goods can't be sent to Australia but am unsure about any import regulations in America. Does anyone...
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    Blade breakage

    Hi Geoff. Both the Hegner and AWFS18 have 2 stroke lengths. Have you tried your saw on the long stroke length? I have the Axminster version and as I only ever cut thin pieces of wood I prefer to keep the machine on the short stroke as the vibration is much less, but if your machine is bolted...
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    Treehouse II

    Hi Carter. Your jigsaws always impress. I wouldn't know where to start cutting this one... I am beginning to have some success with the stamp jigsaws and when I have mastered the cutting and looking for lines to cut on at the same time I'll send you one. Roy
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    Poplar Plywood

    Hi. Does anyone know where I can source some 6mm Poplar plywood? I've searched the internet with no success, unless I have it shipped in from the USA. Thanks Roy
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    Fitting clamps to axminster

    Hi Steve. I have the AWFS18 and the first purchase was the quick release blades. I bought them from Hegner and they cost about £18 each. As for fitting, they just slot into a holder on each arm. I like the saw as it is quiet with no vibration throughout the speed range even though it isn't...
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    Hi Geoff. Thanks for the info. I think the Dremel will have be my next purchase as I just don't have the room for a router table......Pity about the petrol into a diesel car, it's an easy mistake to make. Let me know how the Hegner goes when you buy it please. Steve Selston doesn't change...
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    Hi Geoff. I've been looking at buying a router table to round off the edges of the things I make and had considered the Dremel set-up but having read the poor write-ups for the table accessory I haven't bought anything. I have to say I like the sound of the Dremel (due to lack of space) and if...
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    Hi Doddy. Your new saw will be much better than the last one you had. If you have any trouble with the set-up take a look at Steve Goods Scrollsaw workshop. He has 3 videos where he does a review of the EX21 which is the same saw but smaller. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Roy
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    Excalibur 21

    Hi Chippygeoff. I have the AWFS18 with the Hegner clamps. The saw is very quiet with very little vibration throughout the speed range. There is no front to back blade movement which is a vast improvement on my old Delta saw. I really like the AWFS18 for what I do, cutting portraits and...
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    Sheppach Scroll Saws

    It's difficult buying your 1st saw as you've possibly never seen one working let alone used one. I see you live in Essex, so how far away from an Axminster store do live? Could you go to one of their stores to have a look around and ask your questions there? I have one of their AWFS18 saws...
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    Hi. It is sometimes better to ring a company rather than just relying on the web site. How am I getting on with my new saw? It was delivered around the time the temperature started to drop, so I've not used it much yet although I have Hegner blade changing clamps now. Even with these...
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    Upgraade scroll saw

    Hi. I finally saved enough pennies to buy the AWFS18 and was lucky enough to buy if from the For Sale section, thanks for the heads up Blister. The saw arrived today, :D :D however I haven't had time to cut much with it but it's like a Rolls Royce next to my old Delta. It's a pity the AWFS...
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    Birch Ply

    Thanks Steve. In that case the web site is www.ullapoolwoodturningcentre.co.uk Hope it's of help. You will need to ring or email for prices as the web site only shows woodturning blanks. Roy
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    I've only just finished saving the money and will be getting the saw in the near future. I'll let you know. Roy
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    Birch Ply

    Hi. As a newbie I wasn't sure I could "advertise" someone's web site. There's nothing secret, I just didn't want to contravene any site rules. Roy :?