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    Sabre 350 Bandsaw - hope this helps someone

    I am sure that loads of people will have had the email - but Yandles has out sent the following: The next batch price is mad - increases are going to be a thing for a while it seems
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    Rutlands Workbench castors - any good?

    Hoping someone can provide feedback on these: https://www.rutlands.com/sp+routing-router-tables-lifts-wheel-sets-workbench-and-machinery-castor-set-with-lift-rutlands+r9020 I am looking to put them onto a heavy workbench (150kg) and they seem to be fairly well made. Can anyone confirm?
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    Great find for machinery lighting @ £6

    At my local B&Q yesterday I found this small battery-powered LED work light complete with a rotating magnetic stand. At just under £6 I thought it worth a try as a possible cheap light on my bandsaw. All I can say is WOW - fantastic for the price. The stand rotates 360 around the body with...
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    Laguna 14BX - First impressions

    Like many here I have been looking to purchase a new bandsaw for some time and have been looking at the many options online, reading the posts on this site, and spending a bit too much time watching youtube reviews. I feel that currently the number of bandsaws available in the UK is better than...
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    Itech 260S with Spiral cutter head - First impressions

    Seeing as information was so scarce when I was looking for details on this planer/thicknesser and now having had one delivered, I thought it would be good to get some first impressions posted with the aim of adding to this as I use the machine. Firstly some thoughts on why I went for this...
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    Record BS350 vs BS350S

    I am currently looking at bandsaw options and my feeling is that the Record BS350S would be a good buy. It seems to have a good build quality and features such as cast iron wheels that tend to be found on the better bandsaws. It is also priced about as high as I am able to currently afford...
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    Axminster auctions and final price

    I have been watching a couple of the Axminster auctions with interest and have been noting that they often reach 80% or more of the new price despite only having a 3-month warranty and sometimes light scratches etc (what I would call used) Is this normal? I will openly admit I was looking in...