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    Cold water tank flooding

    Does the overflow have an isolating valve on it (the round circle on it)? It would be odd if it does but it could be in the shut position.
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    Tool brand recommendations for dovetails

    If you are cutting dovetails into the rails of a bedframe, consider whether you will actually be able to place the board in a comfortable manner to cut with either a western or Japanese type saw. Pretty much every dovetail video/tutorial etc. that you see will show the pin and tail boards being...
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    Jet JWBS-16 Bandsaw - electrical issues

    If you can't get it repaired and do get a new one, take the end cap that has the label on it off and check if there is a mechanical brake - it look like it is too short for there to be one. If it doesn't have one then any equivalent 1.1kW 1400rpm face mount motor will do (the one I linked is...
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    Sorby Pro-Edge

    These are some of the shortfalls that Axminster have addressed on their machine. On my machine the table was poorly made. Sorby replaced it once I sent them pictures of the issue where the top face was not parallel to the face where the table screws to the dog leg bracket. This meant the...
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    Sorby Pro-Edge

    I had the same issue with the table. It turned out the top face was not parallel to the face that mounts to the bracket. I sent pictures of this to Robert Sorby and they sent out a replacement. I only realised there was a problem after I had squared everything up at 25 degrees and then found...
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    Sorby Pro-Edge

    There are a number of improvements on the Axminster machine over the Sorby, but, as a system, everything is more expensive. For bench chisels and plane irons, one of the big advantages for the Axminster setup comes through the use of their honing guide. Once set, you can grind the primary...
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    Jet JWBS-16 Bandsaw - electrical issues

    If your motor looks like this (picture taken from ebay): Then you need a B14 facemount motor along the lines of ebay item number 255010967000 ( Single Phase 230v Electric Motor, 1.1Kw 2 pole 3000rpm with face mount | eBay ). You probably won't be able to upgrade to a more powerful motor...
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    Price shock

    I have a couple of times to buy packs of beech and oak. The oak was prime quality and their delivery guys were excellent, happy to hand boards to me individually from the lorry when unloading (they delivered to my house with their own lorry). I have also used Scawton sawmill for sweet...
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    Hi Fi switch question

    You only need to switch the positive out of the amp to one set of speakers or the other. The negative for both sets can remain connected at all times so a double pole double throw switch set up to switch positives for both left and right will easily achieve what you want. Alternatively, make...
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    Router Springs

    It's fine to take the spring out. It only makes a small difference because you are still raising the weight of the motor when the router is inverted. If it's heavy going check whether the router slides freely on the posts and the the lock isn't dragging.
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    Tormek corrosion inhibitor

    The Tormek corrosion inhibitor is only needed if you are using their diamond wheels - the inhibitor is to protect the diamond coating, not the tool. As you say, you will, at the very least, dry your tools after sharpening so won't have an issue with corrosion on them due to the Tormek...
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    Paper (roll of) for drum sander - does it make much difference?

    Mirka Avomax will be fine. I used to use this when I had a drum sander. Initially I used to cut the width down to 70mm to match the drum but then I fitted a new clip in a different position so that the full 115mm belt could be used.
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    For Sale Esta Bruck/Barke Self Set holders and knives - 260mm long and Knife setting jig

    Hi @rafezetter , I'm happy to split. I've sent you a PM to discuss. Thanks
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    Sold Stanley Planes and Chisels

    PM replied to and provisionally sold. I'll update the post when payment is received.
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    Sold CamVac GV336 Twin motor dust extractor with hose

    This is a twin motor CamVac GV336 dust extractor with a 100mm hose inlet. I am including a 100-63mm adapter and 63mm hose. I no longer use this because I have changed to a larger dust extractor. It sits on a simple wheeled base which is included. £140 collected from Harrow, Middlesex.
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    For Sale Esta Bruck/Barke Self Set holders and knives - 260mm long and Knife setting jig

    I have a set of three Esta Bruck/Barke self set planer knife holders together with 12 double sided disposable knives. These are 260mm long and are a direct replacement for 260x25mm planer knives. The holders have tangs to hook onto the cutter block to register the correct height whenever...
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    Sold Stanley Planes and Chisels

    I'm selling the following Stanley planes and chisels that I no longer use: Stanley Bailey No 3 - Made in England Stanley Sweetheart No 4 Stanley No 4 1/2 Black handled Stanley chisel set Blue handled Stanley 5002 chisel set A couple of other random chisels including a large Sorby firmer chisel...
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    Screwfix, what an utter pain in the proverbial

    You mean people shouldn't ask the cashier or self service payment machine what ingredients are needed to bake a cake and how to actually bake it when shopping in Tesco??? Completely unacceptable!!! :p I do find it strange when people get angry/upset with a shop/place/technique etc. when it...
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    Do fancy spiral thicknessers just work without tearout?

    I've got a Jet JPT310 - when it had the original head, I could not avoid tearout on maple no matter which way the board was run through or how thin the cut was. When I converted it to a helical head I had no tearout at all, either on this maple or on oak, beech, sweet chestnut, ash or walnut...
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    Axminster Customer Service

    Why not call them to order what you want, pay by card, politely refuse to provide an email address and get on with it? As much as things are now done through the internet, people forget that that the likes of Axminster still provide a telephone number for sales unlike a lot of other "modern"...