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    3 phase converter

    Hey guys I'm looking at a 3 phase machine at a great price. It's 400V, 635W machine. What converter would I need and would this be an electricians job to install in the workshop? Or does it simply plug into the wall?
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    Bandsaw for Metal and Wood, what are my options

    There's a Scheppach MBS1100 around for £200 that will cut steel, but if like a bandsaw that will also cut wood accurately. Anyone have any recommendations, around the £500ish mark.
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    Sold Scheppach TS81 Table Saw

    Selling due to upgrade. 8 inch saw, really good condition. Cost me £600 a couple of years ago. £300? Buyer to collect. Manchester
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    Axminster AT254LTS OR AT254TS

    One comes with the right hand extension with a space for a router one doesn't, there is a £1200 difference in price and apart from the machined right hand router table, cast iron bit, it's the same saw. I want the router table, but I could just make it. What would you do? It's a big price difference
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    Makita Air Nailer/Compressor/Hose Reel

    The supplied air hose with my compressor failed pretty quickly after purchase so I thought I'd do things right and get hold of a proper retractable air reel I can mount. Picked up a SIP product from Tool Station today with 1/4 fittings that they sell. These quick release fittings don't fit my...
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    Cutting 1.5mm PVC cladding.

    I'm cladding walls in my garage with 1.5mm white PVC, track saw, jigsaw or even table saw. What would work best and be accurate?
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    Aftermarket Rip Fence

    Hi, the fence in my Scheppach Ts82 is really bad, wanders around, really awful action. What would guys recommend to replace it?
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    New Woodworker, New Woodshop

    Hello, Ive just begun establishing a woodshop in my double garage, Its about 5.2m by 5.2m. Its split straight down the middle as I also run an outside catering company and use the other side for storage and refrigeration at the moment. The purpose of the workshop initially is to prevent a...