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    Sold Packet of multi tool blades

    Hello, I purchased these recently, along with new multi tool, during a vacation. When I unpacked both, I discovered the head on the multi tool is not detachable, so I am now stuck with a brand new set of blades. PM me and I will put them in the post to you. Dan
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    Motor Flange For a Bench Sander

    Hello, I'm looking to make a bench sander. I have an electric motor with a 14mm shaft. The sanding disk is 300mm diameter. Would anyone be interested in a paid commission to turn a motor flange plate for me please? I'm thinking that I would need a flange of 50mm diameter x 4 - 6 mm thickness...
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    Help with building a bench sander please

    Hello, I'm looking to make a bench sander. I have an electric motor with a 14mm shaft. I just need to find a decent sized flange plate to fit it, so I can attach my sanding disk. I bought a flange plate online, but it so small, I have visions of being decapitated by the sanding disc when I...
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    Cad Spoken Here

    Hi All, I've seen a lot on the forums about the ongoing debate regarding CAD programs. I have worked with Fusion 360, Sketchup and FreeCAD for my own interest and have gained some basic knowledge in the use of these. I would be happy to share this experience with you in a one on one using...
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    Riving Knife (Aluminium or Steel)

    Hello, I'm looking at making a modified riving knife on my table saw, as the original is too high when using push blocks. Is aluminium ok for this, or must it be steel? I can get hold of aluminium quite easily, but sheet steel is a bit more difficult to find. If anyone knows of sheet steel...