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    Record Power safety notice

    Apologies if this has already been posted . https://recordpower.co.uk/pages/coronet-envoy-and-regent-safety-notice?utm_source=Record%20Power&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12658416_Envoy%20and%20Regent%20Bolt%20Update&dm_i=2UF,7JBAO,TVIKD4,UNXCN,1
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    New 1/2in Router

    Any advice/recommendations buying a 1/2 Router. My old Elu died a death last week after years of service and I’m not up to speed on the Dewalt, Makita and Bosch routers etc so any one who has used any 1/2in models for a length of time chip in with your experiences and recommendations. Cheers.
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    Paul Sellers and Old v New Tools

    Recent post on Paul Seller’s blog in answer to a question by a subscriber. The reply to the question results in Paul talking about the ”superiority” of his old Planes over the newer. As he has been using his old Stanley planes over the 50 odd years of his career this somehow qualifies them ( he...