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    For Sale 3 Roller Tube Bender for sale

    Is this still available?
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    My New Table Saw - a KING KC-10RC

    If you are going to replace the motor consider replacing the belt with a flexible link belt (see here - Link Belting for Power Transmission | Fenner Drives). I know that some have different opinions but I found it to be great at dampening vibrations and the saw runs quieter too. I coupled this...
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    My New Table Saw - a KING KC-10RC

    Looks very similar to my table saw and a good bet that it was made by Mao Shan in Taiwan. I have upgraded mine very successfully and find that it does everything I could ever need. https://www.maoshan.com/products.php?class=1
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    Router bits

    I never knew Infinity had a UK site! The only time I have purchased their bits has been when I am on a trip to the US. I purchased a flush-trim bit that has been fantastic.
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    The living hell of dust extraction diameters

    If you can find someone with a 3D printer then you can design a custom adapter by going to this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3819146 And hitting the 'open in customizer' link on the right or even better, download the files and run customizer on your own PC...
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    Sabre 350 Bandsaw - hope this helps someone

    I am sure that loads of people will have had the email - but Yandles has out sent the following: The next batch price is mad - increases are going to be a thing for a while it seems
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    Where have all the bandsaws gone?

    My line of work (IT) is seeing massive shortages - up to 10 months in some cases. So not just bandsaws.....
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    harvey wood saw bench

    Available from Axminster if you are happy paying a 'little extra'
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    New compressor - need air hose recommendations

    I purchased one of these on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233450509816 Nicely made and very flexible rubber hose. The retractable mechanism makes it a pleasure to use and 20m is long enough to go down my drive and over the road...
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    Parkside (lidl) hot glue gun

    I have to be honest and say that I can not remember, but I am almost sure that it was less than £15 Someone has them on Amazon for a bit over £18
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    Parkside (lidl) hot glue gun

    Hard to be 100% certain - but that looks like the same gun just without the stand? £3.99 - well worth a try
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    Parkside (lidl) hot glue gun

    I have the Lidl 'wireless' glue gun - I think the model number is PHP500. Works well enough and comes with interchangable nozzels and a stand which provides electrical connection to heat up. You can connect the cable directly into the gun itself if you need to glue large areas and have it...
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    Your experience with either the Triton MOF001 or TRA001 router?

    I have a fairly old contractor-style table saw that came with a crude bracket system for mounting a router in the left-wing. Has worked perfectly with the Triton for the past three years. I had to drill my own access hole for the above table adjustment but apart from that, it was not too much...
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    Laguna Fusion 3 buying advice

    I had seen this on Axminster and thought of a possible retrofit - but it seems only able to handle 1.5hp induction motors. https://www.axminstertools.com/kedu-kjd17b-nvr-switch-230v-1ph-102532
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    Mitre gauges

    This might be worth watching I use the Incra V120 and have found it to be very accurate and well made. Not as pretty as some of the newer Bangood models though
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    Rutlands Workbench castors - any good?

    Thank you Doug71 and Ttrees - have some reading/watching to do Did not think of looking on Amazon - big saving and yes they do appear to be the same
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    Rutlands Workbench castors - any good?

    Hoping someone can provide feedback on these: https://www.rutlands.com/sp+routing-router-tables-lifts-wheel-sets-workbench-and-machinery-castor-set-with-lift-rutlands+r9020 I am looking to put them onto a heavy workbench (150kg) and they seem to be fairly well made. Can anyone confirm?
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    Great find for machinery lighting @ £6

    At my local B&Q yesterday I found this small battery-powered LED work light complete with a rotating magnetic stand. At just under £6 I thought it worth a try as a possible cheap light on my bandsaw. All I can say is WOW - fantastic for the price. The stand rotates 360 around the body with...
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    Makita MT range info

    I have a red Makita finishing sander purchased back in 2013. Overall the build quality is quite good and it seems to be fairly bulletproof having worked without issue for all these years. I would guess the advantage might be in having spares and accessories available for a good while where some...
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    Removing the fence is very easy - one turn of the locking handle and it slides out of its dovetails. I think that you are talking about 30 seconds work.