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  1. J

    Wadkin PP fence question

    Evening all, not been on here for a while but just acquired this late but rather tired PP (PP 900, tested 1982), and first on the list of repairs is the rip fence, which is a mess. Is it even a PP fence? Looks much older to me and is not the same colour as the saw. It's obviously been broken...
  2. J

    wadkin bgs question - calling scrit!

    Hey all, I'm sure Scrit will be along any time to answer the following: :) Is it feasible to upgrade the early splitter-type Wadkin BGS to take the later riving knife? Not interested in BORK's or any other bodge (been there....), only in what I'd need to do/change to upgrade a 1964 pre-RK BGS...
  3. J

    concealed hinges with short base plates?

    Hi all, a while back I knocked up some "temporary" kitchen units in our new house, just a frame of 2x2 par and some mfc shelves in it. Now (inevitably) they're less temporary (baby crawling, Glorious New Kitchen Plan no closer to fruition) and I need to fit doors. Want to make plain surface...
  4. J

    startrite 12-S-1 bandsaw blade guides

    Evening, My foray into woodworking machines continues with a venerable Startrite 12-S-1 off fleabay, but I think the blade guides look wrong - can anyone post a pic of their startrite guides please? My upper guide is blocks of iron tapering at the back, plus a bearing running on one side of...
  5. J

    short fence rails for SIP 01332

    Just bought an 01332, anticipating a roomier workshop later this year. Meanwhile it's stuck in a crowded garage, so I was wondering about not using the extensions for a while - can you can get short fence rails like you can for the Axy equivalent? Are any other brands swappable?
  6. J

    How flat is your table saw?

    Hi all, well after much lurking and homework I've just joined the ranks of SIP saw owners (01332). Got it secondhand, and just poking around it it seems in fairly good condition apart from two things. Firstly, the table is slightly bowed front to back, to the left of the blade, by about 0.4mm...