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    1/4" router bit

    Hi There, I have used the slot cutters from Wealden and find that they cut far better than the traditional straight cutters. However my slot cutter was a 1/2" shank in a router table which in my view is a much safer and accurate way to machine this type of joint. Hope you get sorted to your...
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    Router bit help

    Hi there, I am planning to convert an existing drodo I am planning to modify a hinged and fold down work bench into a mft top. I have located a mft jig from cncdesign in Wales. The reviews are positive so I intend to purchase this jig soon and will hopefully update in the very near future...
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    How to open a locked and broken upvc door?

    Hello All, Need a bit of help, my 9 year old Upvc conservatory has a pair of outward opening doors and I have noticed that the handle of one of the doors fails to return to the horizontal position when operated. Its as if a return spring has broken. The locking mechanism consists of 3 claws, 4...
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    Router table choices

    Hi There, I started with a basic Rutland's own make router table with a Ryobi 1/2" router which had a lot of limitations, however 2 years ago I visited Woodworkers workshop open day and ended up purchasing a Jessem Excell router table - the one with no insert plate together with the dedicated...
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    Up north

    Hi Alan Welcome from a fellow member who only joined up a few weeks ago. I can remember working in a very small garden shed making a dolls house for my 2 daughters. What a joy. I am now throughly enjoying my early retirement having progressed to having a small workshop with router table, planer...
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    Table saw Blades - seeking advice & information

    Morning, I have previously mentioned on another query that I highly recommend Trend saw blades. I have interrogated the Trend website for the particular blade sizes available and also e mailed their technical department for additional information. I did not purchase direct from Trend, instead...
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    Mitre Saw - Erbauer or Bosch?

    Not sure if I've just been unlucky but I wasn't impressed with Saxton blades. I moved over to Trend saw blades. Used several different tooth numbers on both my Scheppach track saw and Bosch mitre saw and in my view are superior in both quality of cut and longevity. Sourced from Abbey power...
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    Mitre Saw - Erbauer or Bosch?

    I have a Bosch 216mm mitre saw and its a perfectly good saw. Yes it may have a smaller blade than 254mm Erbauer model but still offers plently of features. Mine is permanently mounted on a bench. Although I have used it on location. With regards to the Bosch 3 year warranty, this to me is...
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    Riving Knife (Aluminium or Steel)

    Hi Dan, Table saws are safe to use when using all the safety features supplied from new. I strongly recommend that you do not modify the riving knife. If yours is damadged and you cannot purchase a new original one then I recommend that you approach a local manufacturer who specialises in sheet...
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    Hi Adam, I would avoid buying a budget pillar drill. Its cheap because it designed to be manufactured using poor quality materials and low tech manufacturing techniques. Strongly recommend either waiting till you can afford a slightly more upmarket machine, or take some time searching for a...
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    Haunched tenons on Workbench

    Hi James Impressed with your choice of material. The final look should be very impressive. My own hand made workbench was hand made using wedged through haunched mortice and tennons for the upper rails (front to back) the lower ones were through mortice and tennons again wedged. The lower...
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    Cleaning Tools

    Hi There, I have several power saw blades together with a large number of router cutters which have a build up of resin. Would denatured alcohol remove this build up or can you recommend another cleaner. Thanks in advance.
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    Formica laminate

    I am as yet undecided which way to go with the idea of a laminate/formica surface. I can see the idea of not wanting a suface to smooth. However this table as the name suggests it must be a multi purpose one. Having a compact workshop with a traditional workbench with vice it can only be...
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    Formica laminate

    👍I will investigate to see if I can source some cheap laminate. However another member has indicated that maybe a smooth top to a mft may be a disadvantage. Food for thought.I learnt something today. Didn't no it was called a balance sheet. If I do decide to attach formica to the top then I will...
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    Formica laminate

    👍I will investigate to see if I can source some cheap laminate. However another member has indicated that maybe a smooth top to a mft may be a disadvantage. Food for thought.
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    Finally built a fold-down MFT

    👍thanks for your reply
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    Formica laminate

    I intend to make a folding MFT very similar to one of my fellow members. The concern I have is that I have a small sheet of formica laminate 2.25mm thick which I am considering fixing to the top surface using an appropriate adhesive ( contact or similar) . My concern is that as I have...
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    Finally built a fold-down MFT

    That brilliant. thankyou so much - I get it now. In a former life I used to be a draughtsman so I am into drawings a lot. Yours is top notch. I have a sheet of 2.25mm thick laminate which I was considering for the top of the MDF. However I only have sufficient for the top. Do you think that...
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    Finally built a fold-down MFT

    Thankyou, Can't quite see exactly how the hinge side is made up, but I guess when I give it some time it will all become clear. Just need to sort out a supplier for the 22mm top. Thankyou once again.
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    Finally built a fold-down MFT

    Hi There, Just joined up. Love your folding table. My workshop size is very similar to yours so I can relate to your issue regarding space. Fortunately I have a single garage which I intend to kit out with a fold down MFT and yours seems ideal. Really impressed with your design, however I have...