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    Floor joists

    I'm helping with a guy to do some work on his house, long story short, the original plan has changed and now that all the upstairs ceilings have been taken down and orignal ceiling joists inspected, it's been decided that they'll need replacing and while we're at it be lowered for extra space in...
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    Advice required

    I've made four meranti casement windows frames for a customer, but one of the frames has twisted slightly. They are aprox 700 x 400 and the one thats warped, when laid flat, has lifted accross opposite corners by around 12mm. I can push it back down flat with some resistance, but don't want to...
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    Raised Panel Set

    I have a job coming up that will require some raised panel doors making, can anyone recomend a reasonable quallity budget raised panel router bit set. I don't want to spend a fortune as they won't get much use. Thanks
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    I'm in the market for a thicknesser for an upcoming job I've got. I know these two don't generaly go together, but I'm looking for a cheap but half decent one. I'd like a decent one but can't justify £300+ price tag for a tool I'll only use once every blue moon. Some quick Googling brings up...
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    Alcove Cabinet

    I have a cabinet and shelves in a traditional style to make in an alcove next to a fire place, I have a design in mind, but remember seeing a picture on here recently of one someone had made and if I remember correctly there was a link to a set of built in MDF wardrobes that someone else had...
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    I called in to my local timber merchants the other day to price up oak for a window job I have coming up, while looking through their yard I poked my nose into their joinery shop where they specialise in windows and doors and asked what they'd recomend to make the windows from (which will be...
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    Casement window wood selection

    I've been asked to make a couple of replacement casement windows. My question is - once I've purchased the timber (not sure whether they are going to go the soft wood or hard wood route yet) do I need to let it sit/season before I start cutting it, or will it be stable enough off the shelf? The...
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    My shop

    This is my shop, it's around 35' square although I have to share it with the car this time of year as it's starting to get cold and it's not too nice going to work in a cold car when it's 25 below, so I move everything over to make space for it so it can share the heat in there too :roll...
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    Router Station

    I had a couple of spare hours this morning, so decided it was time to use up some stock I had kicking around and make a new router station. I bought a used table saw with a load of other tools from a lady who was selling her late husbands workshop tools. I didn't actually want the saw, but when...
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    I didn't see a section for saying hello, so I'll say it here instead! My name is Rich and I live in Canada. I've been reading your forum and found lots of interesting things on here, so thought what the hell - I'll join. I currently scrape a living making furniture and other wooden things from...