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    Box Making Courses

    My cousin who was a pretty good engineer in his day, tells me everything starts as a box. Being new to the craft, can anyone recommend a good box making course that I can put on my Xmas list please?
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    Myford PR11 Planer Motor

    You will recall my recent purchase of the above planer that didn't run. I have traced the problem to the 3hp motor which, is massively over powered and so I wan to replace it with a suitable alternative. Looking at the instructions for the planer provided by a very kind soul on the forum...
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    Table Saw Fence

    The fence that came with the cheap table saw looks and feels cheap. Can I buy a more substantial and accurate one?
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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    My detached double garage is plagued by mice. I usually trap circa two dozen every year no problems. I found one in a box just this past weekend. They're entering via the gap [approx 1"] under the "up and over" garage doors and the concrete floor. What is the best way to seal this gap and...
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    Morning everyone

    Hi I left school some 4 decades ago wanting to be a cabinet maker / joiner and life took me on a completely different trajectory. Time is now right to follow my dreams and start playing with wood. I am also a beekeeper and make all my own beehives, nothing fancy just glue and butt joints...