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    What to make from oak flooring.

    I made some small (approx 18" x 12") tables on 6" round wooden legs to take PC monitors as Xmas presents last year. Excellent. Legs were attached via 6mm threaded inserts. Then made another 3 as small tables to put cat food plates on. Remarkably strong items. Cheers, Phil
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    How to cut brass discs with woodworking tools

    Very interesting thread. As I see it, there are two options: start from round bar and cut discs or start from flat plate and cut through the plate. Each has its pros and cons which I am sure you can appreciate. If using round bar then I think that trying to cut all the way through with a mini...
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    Re copper fungicide, Bordeaux mixture. It certainly used to be sold by garden centres for potato and tomato blight control but I admit I have not looked for it for a couple of years. It can be used on tomatoes but you should remember to wash the tomatoes before eating them. It is a contact...
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    That is late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans ... the fungus that caused the Irish potato famine. The stem lesions you see are very common now and are the stem blight phase of the disease. The disease is called late blight because it normally appears late in the season but does seem to be...
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    Question about bike brakes

    What you have is a typical Raleigh leisure / commuter bike of that era... model Wayfarer maybe, or Transit? The brakes are perfectly adequate when set up correctly but can be improved by better brake blocks. I suspect the wheels, if original, have steel rims (26" x 1 3/8") so blocks made for...
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    Water pistol recommendations

    Re: shooting with air rifle. Yes, illegal in these circumstances. And you could fall foul of other airgun laws... If on your own property then if you fire a pellet and it leaves your property then you are committing an offence. Note that even low powered airguns are considered to be firearms. If...
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    Nostalgia Old School B&D Drill

    I still use one of those on a horizontal stand fitted with a rigid flat disc sander attachment. I also have a box full of the circular saw attachment, jigsaw, orbital sander and disc sander, plus the vertical drill press. Not sure what to do with them ... are they saleable / collectable? Cheers...
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    Vacuum cleaner RFI filter replacement, help please.

    Thank you all. No help from VAX .. they don't keep electrical spares. No one else keeps such spares for such an old model. So: RFI module removed. All back together and seemingly all OK. Ran for 15 minutes without problems. Cheers, Phil
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    Vacuum cleaner RFI filter replacement, help please.

    That's two people saying that so if I cannot find a (cheap) part by tomorrow, I will do just that. I have looked at a few parts that would do the job electronically but they would not fit in the space available. Cheers, Phil
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    Vacuum cleaner RFI filter replacement, help please.

    We have had a VAX 2300 wet and dry vacuum cleaner for many years (since 1992?), similar in shape to a Henry .. large cylinder on wheels type. Recently while in use it started to give a terrible burning smell. On investigation I believe the faulty component is the radio interference capacitor...
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    Table saw won’t switch on

    As above. If you can get to look at the start capacitor then you may find it has burst ... a lot of solid goo coming out ... Easy to replace, says he not having seen one on your motor ... as they usually have push on terminals. Cheers, Phil
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    Stick welding help for a novice, please

    Thank you again. I normally wear thick leather gloves for any operation like this but saw a chap using longer gauntlets while holding the rod. I have always done the welding single handed. I have the leather gauntlet, mid arm length but maybe it is time for something better. The mask/shield I...
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    Stick welding help for a novice, please

    Thanks for the tips ... I admit that controlling a full length rod is difficult. An auto dimming mask sounds good as mine does not auto dim ... it is a wear and push up/push down type and is difficult to see where you are until the arc strikes. Re holding the rod ... I have seen this done. Are...
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    Stick welding help for a novice, please

    Many moons ago I was bought an arc welder, stick welder. I am not very good with it but over the years have managed to repair such things as garden tools and simple fabrications with e.g 3mm mild steel where one bit needs welding to another. But yesterday, a process took me ages to get right. I...
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    Vegetarians move along, nothing to see here.

    Generally speaking 'yes' but, and there is always a 'but', there will be a good proportion of such land that is not suitable for cereal or other arable production; a point sometimes forgotten. And then again, hill land in e.g. Wales is not suitable for anything other than sheep. I guess you...
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    Sawn green oak tolerances

    I built a pergola three years ago using 100mm x 100mm uprights ... treated timber. Good solid stuff but after a year they started to twist a bit, maybe by 15 degrees over the (I think) 7ft length. I found this strange as I had not seen fence posts twist before. Never mind. It has not affected...
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    Dating dressing table

    The design and colour looks very similar to a dressing table my wife has. It came from her Welsh aunts in North Wales and could well be from the 1920s or around then. It has 'candle burn' marks on it, reflecting the area the aunts lived in up in North Wales. But I digress. We were always told it...
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    Pink anti-theft tools

    My late father in-law worked for a major international company in the UK. He said that company policy was only to use 110v power tools across its sites. Previous to this decision the tools were 240v. This policy change apparently virtually stopped company tools going missing ........ Cheers, Phil
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    Spring time power washing

    Re: spinning brush attachment. There are several posts above praising them. I have one, bought specifically to clean a year's worth of whatever off our patio paving slabs. Pressure washer is a mid size Karcher. The spinner worked of a fashion but not too well. After a good try, I reverted to a...
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    which way for the blade?

    All those years ago in school I was told to use a hacksaw to cut on the pull stroke. I have done so ever since... standard 12"/10" and Junior hacksaws. Cheers, Phil