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    Good book on spindle moulders and jigs for spindle moulders

    Hello pgrbff, I’d like one too! I have ‘Spindle Moulder Handbook’ by Eric Stephenson, which is pretty good, and I have seen a video produced a while ago by Roy Sutton which I found very informative. Good luck, and best wishes, Austin
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    Greetings from Sir Gâr... Carmarthenshire

    Hello Crwydrn, and welcome to the forum. You will find all sorts of topics on here, and plenty of information, views and tips. Enjoy the ride! Best wishes. Austin
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    Workshop bench advice, please

    Hello againstthegrain, the top looks fine to me if you’re not doing very demanding woodwork. I think I would leave it alone. Best wishes. Austin
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    Hello from Lancashire

    Hello Mark, and a warm welcome to the forum. Don’t worry about lack of experience, you will get loads of tips, conversations and ideas on here. Best wishes Austin
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    Hi All. Good to be here.

    Hello Dave, I was born in Birmingham, and I worked in Coventry. Welcome to the forum; you will find all sorts of interesting conversations and information here. Enjoy. Austin
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    Fixing marble

    Hello Willsie, I find Araldite sticks most things (the 24 hour cure, not the 5minute version). If you’re thinking of a mechanical attachment, a photo of the table (from top and bottom) would help significantly. Best wishes. Austin
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    Hi from wisbech

    Hello Martin, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you already have a fair amount of knowledge and experience - so you can help us, as well as us helping you! Best wishes, Austin
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    Vice maker?

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    Spindle moulder cutter blocks

    Hello folks, I own a small Scheppach spindle, but I only really use it for rebates. I am very conscious of my limited knowledge and experience with this (potentially dangerous) machine. Two questions- how can I improve my knowledge? And secondly, can someone give me a clue for the correct torque...
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    Have you had your booster jab ?

    That’s my experience too, here in Normandy. We all have to carry either paper documents showing that we have received two vaccinations, or a very recent negative test, or use a mobile phone app. New cases hereare in single figures.
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    Hello from Rob in Hull

    Hello Rob, and welcome! You will find all sorts of really skilled and experienced folk here. Enjoy! Austin (in Normandy)
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    Hello to all from me in Dorset

    Hello Jord, welcome to the forum. You’ll find all sorts of experiences available here. Austin (in Normandy)
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I watched it. I thought some of the designs were interesting, though working out HOW to make it, wasn’t. The young lady sent home deserved it. It was both ill conceived and incredibly poorly made. I have to wonder what the criteria were to be a contestant. Warm and breathing? I apologize in...
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    Hello Everyone,

    Hello Sawhead, and welcome to the forum. You will get plenty of advice and instruction here, enjoy the ride! Best wishes, Austin
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    How Boz

    Hello folks, I’m just going to add my thruppence worth. We live in a 300 year old ex-farmhouse in Normandy. Weather is very similar to southern Britain. House was re-furbished some 40 odd years ago, some new (barely insulated) walls, the old barn-end converted to habitable space, and I added a...
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    Wine rack project

    Hello Roadrunner, and welcome. If you’re at all concerned about the weight of it, use a ‘French cleat’. I’m afraid I can’t give you a drawing, but basically you will need a piece of wood fastened to the wall. The wood needs its top edge cut at an angle (45 degrees will work), and will be a...
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    Hi all.

    Welcome aboard, Knobs! You’ll find plenty of experience and knowledge here! Enjoy yourself! Best wishes Austin
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    Hi All

    Hello Graham, and welcome to the forum. There are any number of really experienced folk who interract on here. Nice folk, too. I hope you enjoy. Best wishes, Austin
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    Hello from Alan in Aylesbury

    Welcome Oakey, as you say, we have a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Sit tight, the ride is just beginning! Best wishes. Austin
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    Request for advice - long fine furniture making course

    Hi Eldi, I am intrigued by your desire to teach folk with intellectual disabilities. I was, in my past life, the woodwork teacher at Queen Alexandra College, in Birmingham. Ostensibly, a college for the visually impaired, there were several students with learning disabilities, and others with...