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    Workshop Mitre Saw recommendations

    Yes, I have it connected to a DX4000 (dual motor) dust extractor, it get's 80% of the dust (total guess) but every so often I do need to clean round the back of the saw. The dust collection is much better than an evolution I have and better than a dewalt 774 I borrowed but worse than a Makita...
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    Workshop Mitre Saw recommendations

    I tend to agree, I had to cut some large 200x100 timbers during the summer and I did think "oh it would be so much easier with bigger saw" but then I got out my hand saw and dealt with the 20 cuts in pretty quick time, haven't had the need since. If I was doing this regularly or with compound...
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    Workshop Mitre Saw recommendations

    I've also got the Bosch GCM8SJL and very happy with it. Only issue is is the front to back physical size as the rails are long. The other good thing is that it has a 70mm depth of cut which is good for a 216mm blade. Dust extraction is middling.
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    How to get touch up paint to blend nicely - tulipwood

    From my experience painting kitchen doors there are two issues. Firstly if the door is wood and grain shows through the paint then any repairs are often smoother that the door and reflect the light and seem to jump out at you. Secondly always paint a whole door part, i.e. paint the whole frame...
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    Help identifying machined taper

    I could ream it out to JT6 but I may thread it and just use it as a small chuck on my model making lathe.....
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    Help identifying machined taper

    This is a useful page of tapers. Dimensions of Standard Tapers - LittleMachineShop.com Further searching found a page from a catalogue, so it was called and possible made in 1883 and the size of the taper changes but I presuming the taper angle doesn't...It is such a well made bit of kit that...
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    G Clamps

    That's a useful tip, I always cringe as I release the irwins as you're never quite sure how much kickback you get.
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    Help identifying machined taper

    I couldn't match it against any tapers specified on that wikipedia page. The chuck is old and could well be early 1900s so it may predate the jacobs?.
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    Help identifying machined taper

    I'd like to repurpose an old drill chuck which is more like a mini chuck. It currently has a 1MT shaft and an unknown taper that fits into the mini chuck. The taper is 1.3 inch long, 0.5835 at the small end and 0.6675 at the wide end. Any idea what taper this is? some pictures.
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    Last time I bought some sheet material ply was cheaper than OSB!
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    G Clamps

    I have both the Wolfcraft clamps (good and recommended) the irwin clamps (ok but wouldn't buy any more) and a load of old G cramps and sash clamps. I still prefer the feel and use of the threaded G and sash clamps, I just think you have more control over the pressure you're applying.
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    Barn to annex conversion

    I would think about removing the roof and all the wood work, repointing the wall and making good and then consider the old building structure as a retaining wall. Use the existing base (if good) and then create a new building with all the insulation etc. I'd make sure the new roof overhung the...
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    Freud saw blades.

    I found this on my last purchase, I ordered a pro blade but the got a none pro. I compared it with the other freud pro blades I had and could not see any difference. Anyway I queried with the supplier who queried with freud and the answer I was given was that freud was dropping the pro branding...
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    Very basic electrical problem - please help

    Doh, never reply when you're in a rush to get out.... You are right, I was trying to simplify the process to give a good idea it would work. In my rush I did 12V x 0.13A = 1.56 which is of course wrong. It should have been I x R so 0.13A x 3Ohms = 0.39V drop over the whole cable.
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    Very basic electrical problem - please help

    Meant to say that a simple rule of thumb for calculating copper cable resistant per km is 19. So for 1mm cable, 19 / 1mm = 19 ohms per 1000m. 0.5mm cable is 38 ohms etc.
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    Very basic electrical problem - please help

    Use ohms law V=I*R. Selecting 1mm cable as starting point, resistance about 1 ohm per 25m, call it 3 ohms over 80m. Doing the maths on a random Tyco 12V Relay from RS. Relay coil current 130mA, cable resistance 3 ohms, volt drop due to cable is 0.39V. Minimum operate voltage of relay 7.8V. 12V...
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    Manual CNC machine

    You do get better at hand routing letters, but having a small trim router that you can wrap your hand round makes things a lot easier. I use a full size paper template stuck on the wood, then make a first light pass down the centre of each letter. Next pass is a little deeper and use it to...
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    Gravity or spring catch for door

    I agree, I think some sort of self latching door would be best so it just needs to be pushed shut and then a latch clicked/pressed to open, that way if the door is left open and the wind blows it shut then it will latch, so your elbow latch looks ideal. You could also try looking at catches used...
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    Wood for face frames to be painted

    I agree with @Jacob I've always been able to find decent quality redwood for interior painted stuff. Our local Ridgeons (now Huws Gray) sells what they call premier quality which is normally very good with few knots and a decent straight grain, not cheap mind you...
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    Bleaching wood

    I've seen the grey version of littlefairs driftwood water based stain and it was surprising effective. https://www.littlefairs.shop/