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    1/4" router bit

    Thanks Guys. The slot cutter seems to be the way to go but I ideally wanted to make use of the cutting depth of 22mm. My Trend T5v2 router is compatible with an 8mm collet but the 6.35mm groover is out of stock, so I'll have to settle for the standard cutter which has a max of 13.6mm cutting...
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    1/4" router bit

    Thanks for the responses. I didn't think of using a straight but bit as I was just in a one-track mind and following the guidelines. When I looked @ Wealden I was also focusing on the heavy-duty range and not the standard range. So my options are the standard range from Wealden or this from...
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    1/4" router bit

    Hi, I am in need of a groove cutter for my 1/4" trend router and I have checked out the likes of Wealden and Axminster but to no avail. The plan is to put together a shaker-style door that would house a 6mm MDF panel and so I need something like a 6.35mm groove cutter. Having used Peter...
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    Spray painting new radiator

    I can recall spray painting our old school radiators 20 years ago and I was adviced by the supplier to start the process with them upside down.........
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    How about storing a thicknesser like a Triton Tpt125. I have no heating whatsoever in the shed and this will be it’s first winter.
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    Safely cut shaker slot without a router table?

    I am currently looking into doing the same thing as you for the first time. From my findings which include a Peter Millard video, I believe a 6.35mm cutter is what you are going to need for the 6mm panel.
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    Axminster planer

    Thanks for that and I figured it was quite old. I had my doubts about that fence and at the price, I was thinking I might as well give one of the local brands a go or the Triton version.
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    Axminster planer

    Can anyone provide an info in this planer please? I have an opportunity to buy it but the seller knows very little about it and I want to be able to compare it to other basic models price wise (£150) as I don’t think there is much difference between all of them but I stand to be corrected. I...
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    Air compressor size (litres) for cabinet spraying?

    Depending on how much spraying you want to do this might suffice for your needs
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    Mobile phones Updates

    I have used Google’s smart phones since they launched. Since January this year I have been using my wife’s old iPhone 8 Plus that was launched in September 2017 and is using the most up to date iOS. Security updates are the only reason why I would continue with an iPhone. My daughter’s old...
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    Will there be a need for a vapour barrier before it is plasterboarded?
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    Photo attached
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    I have searched through the threads but still non the wiser. A friend has had this summer house erected and now wants to insulate it. The plan is to do the walls with 50mm PIR insulation. The roof has timber slats and a felt roof. Would it be acceptable to have a battens in the slots thus...
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    Glue removal

    The plan is to use the existing slats that are firmly fixed at the other end. The router option you mentioned would take me forever to do and it got me thinking about buying a 10mm blade for my multi-tool to clean it out. That together with a chisel might do the trick........
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    Glue removal

    Yes, it is a Lutyens bench. I hadn't thought of the router but that might be tricky to get into.
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    Glue removal

    Can someone please advice as to how I can best go about removing the glue in this bench? I’m thinking chisel and hammer but I’m concerned about weakening the structure. What makes it ackward is tiny hole I have to get it out from.
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    mft style workbench

    What polyurethane did you use to seal to MDF top?
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    Which bandsaw do I get - Axminster AC1950B or Record Power 250 or something else entirely?

    I have owned 2 bandsaws and got rid of them without hardly using them. The last one being the Record Power 250 which I found wasn't up to the task for resawing. The one I had was bought second-hand for £100 and I have seen them going for £150 recently. It was practically new and but changed the...
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    Sash window - a bit lost

    The window frame thankfully is in tact but the beading between the two sash windows needs repairing but I can’t work or how it’s attached.
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    Sash window - a bit lost