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    So who knows about treating plywood?

    Propagating bench, or bench for an alpine house ? If so, I made some maybe 20 years ago with ordinary timber, painted with whatever preservative B&Q had in stock at the time, and lined with builders polythene. Still holding up!
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    Wood for face frames to be painted

    I get all my timber from Potters of Nantwich. About 45 mins from here so not exactly convenient, but a terrific place with a huge range of timber. I always use their unsorted redwood for faceframes, but they do list tulipwood if you fancy trying that.
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    Hi from Sunny Shropshire!

    "Shropshire hidden jewel in England ". Shhh! We need to keep it that way !
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    Sabre 350 Bandsaw Stand - Worth having?

    You mean the wheel kit ? It works pretty well, but I only move mine from time to time if I need to cut very long stuff. If I were wanting to shuffle it around more frequently, I'd probably consider a full mobile base. My workshop floor is tamped concrete, so smooth (ish)!
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    Anti-aging - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    As it happens, I know someone who knows a bit about this stuff....the study that the OP mentioned above is interesting, but a long way from conclusive in its findings - they did see elongation of telomeres, and this is something which is expected to influence longevity, but there is no evidence...
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    Anti-aging - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    '...apparently the first anti-aging study using them has just been published...' Where? By who?
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    Gardening multi tools

    Hori hori knives have become very popular in recent years, if you want to treat her, get a Niwaki brand one. They're the db's (gardening equivalent to Festool!). Also, second the vote for Felco secateurs - expensive, but genuinely life time tools. I think Felco no 6 is a slightly smaller...
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    Play in Pocket Hole Jig/Drill

    There are a couple of videos on the Hooked on Wood channel on youtube talking about this problem :
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    Free vitamin D

    There was a clinical trial completed in Spain just a few weeks ago where covid patients were given big doses of vit D when they were admitted to hospital. It was a proper randomised control trial where one group of patients got 'normal' treatment for covid, the other group were dosed up with...
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    Reciprocating Saw Advice

    I have the Bosch. Its a cracking bit of kit, its only downside, which seems to apply to all cordless saws, is that it gets through batteries quickly. If you're going to be working away from a charger, make sure you have fully charged beefy batteries with you!
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    Why is it ideal to buy Frenchic furniture paint

    Frenchic paint is just a chalk paint, similar to that from Annie Sloan, beloved by the upcycling community. It'd be ideal to paint your furniture with if you want chalk painted furniture, but not for any other reason!
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    Axminster front vices

    I have the Veritas one, bought a few years ago now - I don't remember the Axminster branded ones being available then. Anyway, they're pretty much the same I think; can't fault it.
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    Much excitement - Record Sabre 350 bandsaw ordered

    You've sussed this already I'm sure, but just in case you haven't, watch some of the unboxing vid's on Youtube. It's HEAVY! I ended up unpacking the box on the drive to remove as much weight as possible, before heaving the body of the machine indoors. Even then it was a beast to shift...
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    Sabre 350 and 1/4" blades ... can't get guides right

    Here you go, pic 1 showing tracking position, pic 2 showing blade and guides (and bit of curly cutting just to show it works!).
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    Sabre 350 and 1/4" blades ... can't get guides right

    I just had a look at my machine, and my best guess is that you need to run the blade further forward on the wheels so that it sits further forward between the guides. I really can't imagine that you need to do any modifications, or add any extra gizmos to make it work. As I said I've run a...
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    Sabre 350 and 1/4" blades ... can't get guides right

    That's odd - I've not got a 1/4" blade in mine right now, but have run one a few times in the past without any difficulty (perhaps I wasn't looking closely enough!). I'll put the 1/4" back on when I have a moment to see if I can understand whats going on here.
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    Router newbie - what power router do I need?

    Make a dado jig as Mike suggests - it'll make life much much easier. There's loads of tutorials on Youtube. I've cut lots and lots of dados using a jig very similar to the one Mike pictured, using a 1/4" Bosch router, and taking a couple of passes to get down to the depth required, so if you...
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    My homemade router table

    I have my TRA001 mounted on a third party plate, and had to drill holes for the screws and adjusting rod. From memory I think the trick was to remove the plastic plate from the base of the router, and use that as a template.
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    Record Power AC400 Vs Axminster AC15AFS

    You can't always believe what salesmen tell you! I doubt there's much difference in real world performance, but they're not the same machines. The Axminster weighs more (+5kg) its filters mount differently, and it has RF rather than IR remote control. I can't easily reach the ceiling...
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    Record Power AC400 Vs Axminster AC15AFS

    I've just had the same issue with remotes, and ended up sending the machine back because they were so unreliable. Record hold remotes as spares, so evidently know this is an issue. The Axminster machine (currently out of stock!) seems to use a radio frequency remote rather than IR, so perhaps...