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    Air dried english oak

    I have some air dried oak that i have sticked in my garage for a few years. Some of the section are not quite big enough for what i have in mind, can any one tell me wether it would be ok to laminate it together to make larger sections? I would like to use it for a timber framed conservatory...
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    Veneered desktop

    I am in the proceess of designing a fitted alcove computer desk , and i was wondering would a sheet of oak veneered mdf be ok for the top?, the sides & doors will be oak veneered mdf Thanks in advance
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    Dust extractor

    Hello friends I am looking to buy a dust extractor for my band saw, Axminster DS12DL 300mm Disc Sander, power tools. My band saw is 5mtrs away from my Axminster DS12DL 300mm Disc Sander & power tools. My plan was a dust extractor with a long hose that i can disconnect & connect between the...
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    Compound mitre cuts on stair rail

    Hello everyone My next project that i am planning in my house is too put up a handrail. The type of handrail i want to put up is called a pigs ear, I have to cut mitres & compound mitres exactly like the one thats in this picture. I have a chop saw capable of compound mitre but i am unsure how...
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    Floating shelves

    Hello folks I would like to make some floating shelves & have been searching the forum for ideas & advice. JasonB technique of sandwiching 12mm moisture resistant mdf between two layers 12mm veneered mdf looks a good way to go. I would like my shelves to be 1100mm long, how many 12mm steel...
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    Oak window boards

    Hello folks I am planning on fitting oak window boards to these openings, have done a bit of research on-line & the best idea I have see is Drill holes in the bottom of the oak & sit the boards on top of screws using chemical fix. This is ok for the front because there is block work to screw...
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    New Member & Alcove Shelve

    Hello everyone Have been lurking this great site for a while now & would like to thank everyone who contributes too it. =D> I am looking for some advice on building alcove shelves, the size of the shelve i want to build is 1900mm length x 350mm Depth x 50mm Thick. I would like too use a...