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    Universal Router sub-base (Blank / Preform) group buy.

    THE PREMISE I want to buy a disc of aluminium to make a router sub-base but the minimum order is too much for me so I am looking for others to spread the cost. THE BACK STORY (NOT IMPORTANT) I have recently bought the UJK router lift and am much in love with it however …... My trend T9Es...
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    Scroll work on a bangle

    I have a design idea which i would like some assistance with if you fine peoples would be kind enough. I want to take a plain-ish turned wooden bangle and then scroll-saw out some shapes from it. I have a much-beloved Axi SFS scroll saw which will scroll happily through a churchill tank but is...
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    GeoBall – An exercise in (faking) accuracy

    (My apologies - moved into projects from the wrong section previously) Having recently been interested in geodesic shapes, I thought I would try something a bit different (to my normal stuff) for the impending arrival of my best man’s second daughter. For once I think this might actually be...
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    Polyester Resin Finish ?

    I have to finish a large workbench for a process line at work. It is going to be used with saturated metal salt solutions. I am planning to use polyester resin (on birch ply) so that it is sealed and durable - are there any dire warning or horror stories to put me off this course of action...
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    Complex drilling - can you do this for me? CNC job for grabs

    For once I have a work project to put on here for assistance, I need to get someone to drill some holes in some 50mm plywood for me. - 2*25mm bits as one The grey angles we would get made elsewhere - does anyone know who might do this kind of work - there are 64 plates to do, 32 like the...
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    Simple Scroll Saw Maze

    Not sure if this truly belongs in this section but never mind. I decided to make a couple of mazes for friends with birthdays coming up shortly. The making is very simple but the working out of the layers is quite tricky. The maze is made of 5 layers of 3mm MDF (ply or whatever) 140*180mm...
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    Stack cutting limit in hardwood?

    Greetings all, I am trying to cut some puzzles in hardwood (about 5mm each) where it is a pattern rather than a picture and half the pieces swap over to give a two tone end result. This means I am trying to cut through 10mm of hardwood with a puzzle blade (Flying Dutchman) which is proving...
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    Turning Cartwheels

    I thought that as I was posting, I would go for it again. Well the title's a double lie really, they are not real cart wheels and they are not turned - but never mind. I was asked to make these for a theatrical production (another one) which needed some wheels - they are planned to be load...
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    Wooden Toy Train

    As ever I never take anough pictures of the job in process - this was my first attempt at anything in hard-wood. From Les Neufeld's book of "Toys that teach" (APTC and others supply) I chose this as each part is small and you can happily mess each bit up a couple of times without ruining the...
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    WIP - Pirate's (ish) Chest

    I decided that my niece (3) could have a chest this year for keeping all her other wooden toys in. Having made the lid, thanks to forum folk, I have the lid straightened - although having been on holiday for a week, a hot garage increased the twist in the wood quite a lot. I put the ends on...
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    Round Chest Lid (need true-ing help)

    I have made a curved lid for a (pirate's style) chest by routing one side of each piece of wood with a dovetail bit to give the curve using 22 strips of timber - but....due to the grain of the wood (read my incompetence / inaccuracy) the assembly is not entirely true - only three of the corners...
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    Startrite mercury advice

    I have been offered a Mercury (at a cost) to replace my Ferm bench drill. The Ferm is not excellent but it is 500w. The startrite is 370w but generally considered better - should I go for the mercury - will it drill the same capacity as the ferm (considering I put 68mm forstner bits through...