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  1. Nelsun

    Festool ts55 advice

    I don't have the height (or space!) for an arm but a number of bicycle hooks dotted around the place (into rafters) gets my 5M hose where I need it quickly, easily and up and out of the way. Definitely a poor man's boom arm though.
  2. Nelsun

    Track saw - T55 or Mafell MT55

    I can't really comment on kickback with either track saw as I've (never say "never") n**er experienced it - and that's doing a good amount of narrow rips (I don't have a table saw) with seasoned pine and oak. The MT55 is supposed to have some motor load-sensing wizardry that stops the blade...
  3. Nelsun

    Track saw - T55 or Mafell MT55

    I've owned both and would recommend the MT55 over the TS55. There's the more powerful motor, the scoring function (great for minimising tearout on your ply), the quicker and easier blade change and compatibility with both Bosch and Festool pattern tracks. Those are just off the top of my head...
  4. Nelsun

    Now is the time to buy 150 mm metric Starrett Combination Square

    That's them back... but not for long... on Amazon for £27 again. Starrett 11MH-150 Cast Iron Square Head With Regular Blade Combination Square, Black Wrinkle Finish, 150 mm Size : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
  5. Nelsun

    Thinnest stock for Domino?

    If you're having accuracy issues Spectric, I'd be inclined to verify the setup of the tool first. The "supplemental manual", besides having a heap of great info on the Domino, has a section on calibration, how to check it and sort it if need be - page 21 onwards. It's a right riveting read too...
  6. Nelsun

    Wanted Decent quality splitting axes

    Incoming! Take cover! The "S" word has been launched 😬
  7. Nelsun

    Wanted Decent quality splitting axes

    I have a *cough* "few" axes ranging from the sublime to the I-don't-know-where-they-are-now-but-they-belong-there. Amongst the sublime are 2 Gransfors (the hand hatchet and the splitting hatchet) and a Fiskars X11 light splitting axe. These are used to produce kindling rather than splitting...
  8. Nelsun

    Before I buy PAR hardwood from G&S online.. would you recommend me to look somewhere else?

    Only bought from them the once (a pile of tulip skirting and trim) but they were friendly, helpful and quick when I did. I'd buy from them again for sure.
  9. Nelsun

    how do I restore a newel post that's been scratched by our cat

    I have 3 MCs (plus 2 moggies) so I can only begin to imagine your levels of destruction. Any textured wallpaper, underneath of sofas, walls next to doors and absolutely anything that can be unintentionally knocked off a shelf is fair game to them. I made a 1.2m scratching post when the first...
  10. Nelsun

    Advice - Bosch or Mafell plunge saw?

    KeyBlades may be worth a look for good cheapish blades for Festool and Mafell (and any others with similar dimensioned blades) track saws. They're not top of the line, but plenty good and their service has always been great too. Key Blades & Fixings
  11. Nelsun

    18g 18v Nailer

    Tools & Stuff has a review of the new XGT 40v 18g nailer. It looks like Makita have finally... nailed it.
  12. Nelsun

    Advice - Bosch or Mafell plunge saw?

    I swapped to the Mafell for all the normal reasons and performed a warranty voiding plug-it lead swap (there's a YouTube for that) easily enough. The plug-it tail gets in the road sometimes but the trade-off is worth it IMO having a lead attached to the hose already. That, and I have plenty...
  13. Nelsun

    18g 18v Nailer

    Don't look at their 18v glue gun either as it's quite handy too :geek:
  14. Nelsun

    How to clean up old wood.

    That's quite an outcome - one garnered from a lot of patience! Another nice thing about wire wheels in drills is the drills ability to quickly change the direction of rotation - allowing you to work quickly with changing grain direction.
  15. Nelsun

    How to clean up old wood.

    It'd depend on the depths of the nooks and crannies so a photo or two may help. Wire, nylon then sisal brushes are my go to when looking to achieve or keep an aged look. Wire wheels on grinders tend to be quite harsh even with finer gauges and it sounds like you have the character already but...
  16. Nelsun

    Makita lxt

    The DHP481 is the top 18v combi drill if you're needing to make some big holes and after a monster drill that'll last and has a good chuck. The 40v range is now a thing and the HP001G is a step above even the 481 (even more power and anti-wrist-snapping wizardry). If you're just looking at pilot...
  17. Nelsun

    18g 18v Nailer

    I've seen no real wobble - it just slots in and away you go. The main thing I'm minful of when using battery adaptors is that you'll likely (dunno for sure though) not get the same battery protection you get when using all Makita "star" enabled kit. Thankfully the nailer isn't a high drain tool.
  18. Nelsun

    18g 18v Nailer

    Can't speak for the Makita 18g but I get on well with the 23g and stapler. I have the Ryobi and like it for what I've done with it which is softwood trim and mouldings. I got a Badaptor to use LXT batteries as, while the Ryobi ones were fine, they took forever to charge on the supplied charger...
  19. Nelsun

    Which "Stanley" knife? Recommendations please.

    I bought a couple of the Gen 3 ones and really liked them... apart from the blade pulling out the front (on both) when under pressure. Which is a pity as I really liked being able to press the button and flip it open with one hand. I've settled on the Bessey ones: the pretty one (DBKWH-EU) with...
  20. Nelsun

    Bench Dogs Very Tight

    I've used a grand total of 3 different parf bits: the first was just right (but I sold it), the second was too tight (on freshly drilled 18mm MRMDF) and the third (supplied by Axminster to replace the second one) was too big. They did supply me with a free pre-release version of the reamer which...