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    Keeping Warm in the work shop

    The cold weather is upon us, I am really feeling the cold this year. In the past I have used electric heating to try and keep a modicum of warmth in the shop. This option is now getting very expensive and I am wondering what systems others use to heat the shop. I had looked at fitting a stove...
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    Thread form on Viceroy Wood lathe.

    Hi to all, I am considering purchasing an "Axminster Super Precision" wood chuck from Axminster I know that the Viceroy takes a 1.5" x 8TPI threaded chuck, and that Axminster advertise a wood chuck available with a 1.5" x 8 TPI thread. My concern is that they may not be the same thread form...
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    Frozen Chuck on Viceroy Head stock

    Hi I am a newbi to this site. I have recently purchased a used Viceroy Wood Lathe it is generally in good condition but I am having great difficulty in removing the 4Inch 3 Jaw Burnard Chuck. I ahe managed to free it from the backplate, but can not move the back plate. Looks like it has not...