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    The router table went up in smoke :D

    It's not pining for the fjords, it's passed away, joined the choir invisibule, bereft of life, deceased, dead, it is no more.. But as a testament to its quality it was at the final moments managing to cut a rabbet 6mm x 3mm deep so it was really being pushed to the limits! I think the main...
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    Mortice & tenon glue line thickness

    Humour me, I am new to all this :roll: What sort of gap should be left for the glue when cutting a mortice and tenon in MDF? The intention is to join parts end to end and instead of half laps I am thinking of using a mortice and tenon which will not really take a great deal more time using...
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    Home made router table fixing..

    I wonder if this idea has any merit.. We have a router table for lack of a better description, it was from Aldi and well to be honest is just about the worst tool I have ever had the misfortune to encounter! I did not buy it, my frugal friend who I share the workshop with did because it was a...
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    How to clamp or hold a skin on this

    Anyone got any suggestions as to how I would clamp/ hold a bendy ply skin on the inside curve of this.. This is a design in progress, the bendy ply will be recessed into the inside curve eventually but I have not modelled the recess yet. I am at a loss as to how to glue the bendy ply liner...
  5. L

    Cat wheel

    Cat wheel is starting to take shape, unfortunately I snapped one half of the running surface :( Got the first half glued into one of the rims, the other rim is dry fitted just to enable me to clamp it up. My dirty little kerf cutting sled/ jig/ thingy works just fine, saves a boat load of work...
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    Portable P/T's

    Did I say I have worked as an electrician for.. ever.. and know little about working with wood? I well I did and don't. Anyway, hand work is not my strong point and the chances of me getting a bit of tree smooth, flat and square with a plane are about as likely as winning euromillions. I look...
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    Hi :)

    Just a quick hello... Hello :) I ended up on this forum several times while searching out wood butchery methods, being an electrician by trade mostly my joinery skills extended to replacing smashed floor boards etc ::) but that is all behind me now as I abandoned that to start up an online cat...