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  1. Sporky McGuffin

    Withdrawn Custom mechanical pencil

    Hello! I was wondering if there are any pen makers here who'd be willing to take on a mechanical pencil job for money. I could offer some sort of wooden box in exchange if you're a fan of the naïve/untalented school of making wooden boxes. Basically I need something that takes a 0.5mm lead, and...
  2. Sporky McGuffin

    Blum hinge installation for the inexperienced

    Morning all - I'm adding a door to my router table. It'll be a bit of Duropal, backed if necessary with some ply to add thickness (the Duropal is I think 10mm). I have two Blum thin door hinges - specifically these 'uns: https://www.trade-hinges.co.uk/soft-close-thin-door-hinge-2569-p.asp The...
  3. Sporky McGuffin

    My Incra router table build

    Be forewarned that thus isn't going to be another fawning Incra-worship thread, and my recommendation is not to buy one of these combos - they are vastly overpriced and under-engineered. Buy the positioner, if you want the joinery stuff (and can afford to add all the other things you need to...
  4. Sporky McGuffin

    Spb1 (my first electric bass guitar build)

    Hello! This is mostly cribbed from a build thread I did a few years and two workshops ago for the build section of a guitar forum, so it was written for a rather different audience and consequently there's probably all sorts of information missing. Feel free to ask. There's also nothing in here...
  5. Sporky McGuffin

    My lazy workshop build

    Afternoon all - these threads seem to be popular, so I thought I'd add mine. The big caveat up front is that I did darned close to none of the work myself - we bought a new house and were having it refurbished (stripped out to floor joists, an extension, internal rearrangement and so on), so I...
  6. Sporky McGuffin

    For Sale Clarke SE16C150 compressor - unused

    You may be detecting a theme in my for sale threads. I'm clearing out a load of stuff I thought I'd use but never did, in favour of a very few things that I actually will. This is approx 10 years old and never turned on - it sat unloved in a corner of the last workshop as I realised I'd rather...
  7. Sporky McGuffin

    Sold Dewalt DE6252 dovetail jig

    Unused in a slightly scruffy box. Slight corrosion to one thumbwheel but everything else is clean and as-new. No instructions - I seem to recall they didn't come with them. Hard to find prices for these to compare, but I think £41 isn't unreasonable, collected from East Hampshire or plus...
  8. Sporky McGuffin

    Sold Boxed, unused Rutlands tenon jig

    Bought with grand expectations of my own ambition, which turned out to be unfounded. Unused in box, and complete. £60 collected from East Hampshire, or plus postage at cost.
  9. Sporky McGuffin

    For Sale Axminster router lift

    This is the pre-UKJ version, which means it's a lovely shade of blue, and doesn't have the height lock. The dimensions seem to be identical though. I've not had any issues with it changing position so I'm not sure the lock is terribly important. Includes a predrilled "universal" plate and the...
  10. Sporky McGuffin

    Router table choices

    Morning all; apologies for another thread on a well-discussed subject, but I'm getting nowhere trying to make a decision. Mostly I make boxes. I use a little Bosch tablesaw, mitre guillotine, bandsaw and suchlike. There are things I think I could do better or more safely with a router table -...
  11. Sporky McGuffin

    Sold Elektra Beckum PKF255

    Hello all - had this about eight years I think. Bought it with ideas of making furniture, but it turns out I like making small things so I've gone back to a Bosch site saw. This is a very capable machine though, sliding table and a carriage assembly, plus a home-made router table that goes on...
  12. Sporky McGuffin

    Couple of simple boxes

    Hello all - been away a while, including moving house and having a new workshop built. I'm easing back into making stuff, starting (mostly) with boxes. These are the start of my trying to remember how to do it, so a long way from perfect, but I'm quite pleased with both nevertheless. This was...
  13. Sporky McGuffin

    Great "wrong" words

    A recent post reminded me of the one thing we have to thank GWB Jnr for - the invention of the word "misunderestimate". I also like "automagically", to describe any particularly useful and unexpected automatic behaviour.
  14. Sporky McGuffin

    Bosch Flexiclick system

    Wotcher all - now that I've had this a couple of weeks and put it to some good use I thought a review might be useful to others. If you've not seen the Flexiclick it's nto an enormously new concept, but done slightly differently: As you can probably see it's a big 18v hex driver with (up to)...
  15. Sporky McGuffin

    Wago connectors

    I don't know if anyone else has the same rage reaction to connecting the wiring in pendant lights and suchlike, but I recently found these and they're a marvel. I've been using the 221 series; they come as 2, 3 or 5-way, and they basically have a little lever that you flick up to push in a wire...
  16. Sporky McGuffin


    I'm not entirely sure of the local etiquette, but I understand it is generally considered polite to introduce oneself before getting too stuck in. Hello! I am Andi. I have two thirds of a double garage for a workshop. I started off in woodwork makng electric guitars but have since branched...