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    garage door problem

    I have an up&over garage door: Comfort 220.2 made by Marantec in Germany, installed about 10 years ago. The door is controlled by remote control and sometimes opens spontaneously. I removed the cover thinking that spiders webs were causing a short but there was no sign of that. Any ideas?
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    mighty sealant

    I saw on Pinterest a waterproofing spray: an aerosol can of about 50cl which was being applied to a wet roof and a leaking pipe. I ordered a can at €20 and what arrived was a tiny (30ml) bottle with the instructions that it should be applied to a dry surface. I have obviously been scammed but I...
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    Heating the workshop

    My workshop consists of a wooden shed 4mX4m. I want to instal a small woodburner stove - a Frontier stove sold by anevaystoves.com. The flue is to pass through the wall rather than the felt roof. The stove has a 60mm O/D outlet and I am having problems finding a supplier of obtuse bends of this...
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    handlemakers drawknife

    I want to buy a handle-makers drawknife. This is like a normal drawknife except that it has one or more semicircular sections to the blade. I know they exist as I put in a bid for one on David Stanley's auction but my bid was too low. Any info?
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    Aged B&D drill

    My old drill died recently and I can't find the replacement part on any of the sites. I think the problem is the switch. The model No is S1L2 and the drill was made in 1981! Any ideas as to where I can get a new switch?
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    adze handle

    For €5 I bought an adze in a 'vide grenier' and want to make a handle. Is it best to use a straight handle or the sexy curved type? If curved, where can I obtain a template?
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    Remove wax finish?

    I recently bought a piece of furniture in merisier ( wild cherry) which was finished in wax. This finish has been damaged and appears to have been rained on leaving whitish spots. I want to apply a clear lacquer but should I remove the wax first and if so how?
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    New book on the shavehorse

    ''Guide du travail manuel du bois''. By Bernard Bertrand. The shavehorse is a useful device used mainly by green woodworkers. The book is in French but well illustrated so monoglots should be able to understand with the aid of a dictionary. I met the author recently who said he may bring out a...
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    Lee Valley drilling jig

    I saw this device which is used for drilling chair spindles on Pinterest and decided to order one. The cost was $56.97 including shipping by UPS and on arrival I had to pay $27.85 Customs duty. Somewhat pricey methinks Unfortunate that the UK tool dealers do not stock Lee Valley products, as...
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    Glue for 3M microfinishing Film

    How can I glue this material to a flat surface, probably ply ? It has a glossy plastic backing so I assume a glue such as pva will not work; I intend to use the film for sharpening as it has a 20 micron grit.