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  1. Geriatrix

    For Sale Record Power DX1000 45 litre Dust Extractor

    I'm running out of space and I no longer use this extractor - But I do keep tripping over it! It's in very good condition (once I've emptied it) and will come with 5 spare filter bags and the original length of 100mm hose. I have a miscellany of adapters which fit either the outlet direct or...
  2. Geriatrix

    External door warped - who is liable?

    I believe it's a sound idea to take photographs at the beginning of the job and at salient points during progress to completion. Not just your work but also anything existing that might affect the outcome in the future. We all have a camera phone so it doesn't take long. I'm long retired now...
  3. Geriatrix

    Advice on Band saw purchase

    I have an Axminster HBS250N 10" "Hobby" bandsaw. It has a cast iron tiltable base, ball bearing upper and lower guides and a pretty good adjustable fence. The original mitre gauge was rubbish but I managed to find a good T-slotted replacement. I haven't used it that much in the two years that...
  4. Geriatrix

    Energy Saving

    I assume this is tongue in cheek? I believe that sweet crude can produce a maximum of around 40% gasoline. Sour crude yields very little. The conversion is carried out in a refinery cracking plant. The principle is essentially distillation (as in whisky etc.) and requires a significant heat...
  5. Geriatrix

    Router bit help

    100mm centres? Convention is 96mm spacing and AFAIK all jigs will be same.
  6. Geriatrix

    Advice on Ebay, PayPal and collection

    Avoid using PayPal for this transaction unless seller submits an invoice through PayPal and you pay using the "Goods and Services" option. You have buyer's protection in this case. However seller may ask for PayPal payment as "Friends and Family" to avoid PayPal's charges. I assume he is...
  7. Geriatrix

    Direct Air vs Air from Room - for Wood stove. What's best for high humidity house?

    Whatever type of combustion device in use, I would strongly suggest installing a good quality Carbon Monoxide detector alarm. I use "FireAngel" CO detectors with a 7-year sealed battery life. As it happens I have also used them along with FireAngel fire detectors in the house for the last few...
  8. Geriatrix

    Knockdown flat glue-up bench?

    I also use the ToughBuilt trestles referenced by Roy combined with appropriate lengths of CLS. Ideal for breaking down sheet goods. An important feature of these trestles is the facility to adjust the length of individual legs. This enables me to set up a stable level cutting base on sloping...
  9. Geriatrix

    Back problems? "Stand-Sit" workshop stool

    I have had significant back and sciatic pain since 1990. I have good days and bad days. One of the penalties of being a human forklift from time to time I reckon. Around 2004 I was in California and stayed at a hotel where the desk chair was amazing. The first time in many years I could sit...
  10. Geriatrix

    Dovetailing 9mm birch plywood

    I have the Rockler 422866 Router Table Box Joint Jig. It does the job but it's really quite basic. Adjustment for fit is "loosen and give it a tap". I've had a look at the Incra-I Box Joint Jig on line and it's in a wholly different class. What do they say? - Buy cheap, buy twice? I hardly...
  11. Geriatrix

    Sir Clive Sinclair

    I met Clive Sinclair in 1981 before he was knighted. I was working with an aircraft sales and chartering business at the time and helping out at a sales event at Cranfield Aerodrome. A lady came to our stand and asked if someone could show her boss around an executive aircraft on display. I...
  12. Geriatrix


    Good idea on the stud nuts and epoxy. When you have a doh moment it would be quicker to drill to core diameter and then use a tap to clear the thread. Had to do it a few times myself. Will I ever learn?
  13. Geriatrix


    I'm not a tennis fan per se, but I admire sportsmen and women generally for their skill, motivation and tenacity. So, whilst I started to watch the Raducanu/Fernandez game from the start, it's unprecedented for me to watch a match all the way through. I usually get a general impression leave...
  14. Geriatrix

    Plywood wanted 1/64” thickness

    As previously suggested modellers do use 0.4mm (1/64") quite routinely. A good supplier is SLEC Ltd who will sell you 1/64" birch ply 36" x 12" at £21.16 including VAT. I'm not sure if they will roll for shipment? If not, you would probably be advised to add a more rigid product to your order...
  15. Geriatrix

    Recommend a 3D printer for c£400

    I bought a Creality Ender-3 V2 printer a while back. Assembly was easy - Too easy. The manual gives the impression that all you have to do is bolt it together, level the bed and all will be well. Not so, I had to spend a lot more time being meticulous with alignment of the various components...
  16. Geriatrix

    3D design software

    The Trimble website still enables download of SketchUp Make 2017 which also allows access to the "3D Warehouse". When opening the application, make sure you only use the "Start using SketchUp" button on lower right of the welcome screen and ignore other options.
  17. Geriatrix

    Flat bit

    I always assumed it was part of the manufacturing process. To allow positive location in the jig used to secure and positively locate the bit during finish grinding of the cutting edges
  18. Geriatrix

    Dewalt palm router

    Yes, they are M4 x 10 PH. Item 112 on the parts list at DEWALT. Refers to drawing at DEWALT Cheers Steve