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  1. J

    Which Workshop Vacuum?

    Hello all. I am currently in need of a vacuum for a house that i am renovating, so its going to be sucking up all sorts like lumps of mortar and fine plaster dust. But i have decided i may as well get one that will serve well hooked up to power tools in the workshop once i am done with the...
  2. J

    Staircase Spindles advice

    Hello all. Im after a bit of advice regarding my staircase. This isnt my usual area of expertise so dont know much of the regs etc. I understand that the spindles have to be no more than 100mm apart though. Basically, I am doing up a house at the moment, and it has hardboard between the...
  3. J

    Oak Cupboard Unit

    This is my latest weekend project, just finished today and put the first coat of hard-wax oil on. Construction is Oak veneered mdf base, dividers and door panels. everything else is solid. Dovetailed top rails and plinth. This unit is going to house a stereo and cds/dvds etc. Dimensions are...
  4. J

    SIP Spindle Moulder

    Hi all. I am now looking to upgrade my spindle moulder and have my eye on the SIP, non tilting model. From looking at it on the internet it looks like a copy of the charnwood/fox ones. Iv read a couple of reviews on the charnwood and people seem to be fairly happy with it. Is there anything...
  5. J

    So Sorry...Table Saws...

    Hello all. Im looking for a new table saw at the moment but am having real difficulty deciding. I have searched through the forums and read a lot of threads but have still come to no conclusion. I have been looking at new ones as i could do with it fairly soon (ripping lots on my little bandsaw...
  6. J

    Plane Decisions!

    Hello all. I have a birthday coming up soon and have been told that im going to be treated to a nice shiny new tool of my choice. So, im thinking a new plane, but just cannot decide which. I'v had a play with a 5 1/2 clifton which is really nice to use and i like the size of this. But then i...
  7. J

    Quick Oak table

    Hello all. i know iv not posted on here much but its always nice looking at other people work. iv just finished a little oak table i made. Made it out of scraps in the workshop and it was mainly produced just so i know how long it would take to make. In the end after 4 coats of polish and a wax...