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    Vacuum cleaner RFI filter replacement, help please.

    We have had a VAX 2300 wet and dry vacuum cleaner for many years (since 1992?), similar in shape to a Henry .. large cylinder on wheels type. Recently while in use it started to give a terrible burning smell. On investigation I believe the faulty component is the radio interference capacitor...
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    Stick welding help for a novice, please

    Many moons ago I was bought an arc welder, stick welder. I am not very good with it but over the years have managed to repair such things as garden tools and simple fabrications with e.g 3mm mild steel where one bit needs welding to another. But yesterday, a process took me ages to get right. I...
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    Stanley Fatmax 18v battery cross compatibility

    Are battery FMC 685L and battery 687L cross compatible? i.e. can I use a 687L to replace a 685, and vice versa? And do they use the same charger? I ask as I have a faint memory that they are not, even though they superficially look the same in the pictures on the web. I have contacted Stanley...
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    Frog adjustment on a Stanley plane

    While replacing a newly sharpened blade on a No.4 plane (about 50 years old and owned by me from new) I noticed that the 'arms' of the frog were unevenly spaced at the blade slot in the sole plate. They were set back maybe 0.5mm but one was more set back than the other by maybe an extra 0.5mm...
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    ELU MH165 circular saw cable replacement

    Please accept my apologies if this is the wrong area to post this question but I thought it could be the most appropriate. My daughter's late husband had an Elu MH165 circular saw. The power cable needs replacing, an easy job, or so I thought. The electrics are no problem; getting to the...
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    Cutting a groove in brass rod?

    A little project requires me to cut a groove in brass rod and I wondered about the best way to do it using a mini lathe. The rod is 6mm diameter and I need to cut a groove 1.5mm deep x 5mm across approx 25mm from one end. I thought my first attempt using an HSS cutter travelling directly into...
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    Hegner scroll saw repair?

    I fee quite guilty asking a question on my very first official visit but in reality I do not know where else to turn as an internet search has not revealed answers. I have recently been given a 1995 Hegner variable speed scroll saw. I have no idea when it last worked ... it belonged to the late...