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  1. Nelsun

    Finishing kiln dried oak with yellow pee stain

    I'm making a big ol' chunky desk (1200x540x90 top with 90x90ish "X" legs) for my youngest boy out of some *cough* premium dried oak sleepers. "Premium" is what Jewsons call them, not me, but they are apparently kild dried and stored indoors so it's the best I have on offer up here. I sifted...
  2. Nelsun

    SOLD: Parf Guide MKI

    SOLD Never really got on with this (drilling the holes mostly) and went with a router jig instead. It's the original MKI set. "Someone" (homer) tried drilling through one of the 3mm holes (see pics) and killed the original drill bit. Said hole is now just slightly oversized and has just a...
  3. Nelsun

    Sold Festool 240V TS55 REBQ Track Saw + Blades

    I've upgraded my track saw so it's time to sell on the trusty 240V TS55 REBQ. Purchased in 2015 it's been well looked after and kept in the house when not in use. It comes with 2 Festool crosscut blades, a Festool "Panther" 12 tooth rip blade and 2 Trend 48 teeth blades; all in great...
  4. Nelsun

    Sold Festool CMS-TS55R Insert

    Bought just over a year ago along with the rest of my CMS stuff, this was unpacked, checked and then stored on a shelf where it has sat [read: been buried] since. As such, it's in very good condition indeed as it hasn't been used. The lot minus the included push stick It's the insert for the...
  5. Nelsun

    SOLD: Festool CMS-PS Jigsaw Insert

    SOLD :D
  6. Nelsun

    SOLD - Festool D-27 x 3.5m Hose

    I picked up an extractor but the hose is surplus to requirements. It's a D27 measuring 3.5m and is the new smooth and more flexible variety with the newer tool attachment end on it. It came from a CT26 and therefor has the straight extractor connector which should fit the smaller SYS, MINI and...
  7. Nelsun

    eBay UK 10% off until Dec 16

    Offer on until 23:59 on the 16th. £20 min spend and max £50 discount. There's some exclusions but didn't apply to the tools Santa is now bringing me ;) Enter PINCHME as voucher code in checkout.
  8. Nelsun

    Kitchen tap brand recommendation

    Our kitchen sink tap (single mixer type) has developed a drip. Had it apart as much as I can and no dice. It was only £40 off Amazon a few years back so it's no great loss and I likely got what I paid for. Anyone have any recommendations for a good quality brand that are known to stand the test...
  9. Nelsun

    Circular saw blade storage

    I'm looking for something to house 2-3 10"/260mm blades and Google ain't coming up with much. Ideally, I'd like something portable and compact like a giant CD wallet. Any recommendations? FWIW, I'd be stored in the house and blades swapped "not very often" (e.g. the aluminium blade is likely to...
  10. Nelsun

    SOLD UJK OTORO Palm Router Table

    ***NOW SOLD*** OK, I'll fess up; I bought this on a wine fueled whim just before Christmas. It looks great but, in the cold sober light of day, it's just too small for my needs. I've taken the plunge on another router table that'll take a bigger router, so this really has to go. I've...
  11. Nelsun

    SOLD - Festool OS 400 Vecturo E-Set 240V + extra blades.

    ***SOLD*** I'm selling my 240V Festool Vecturo multi tool set (basically a rebranded Fein SuperCut with some whizzbang attachments). There's also a good selection of additional blades (plenty unused). This is the set version comprising of the tool, SYS-2 systainer, plug-it cord, Festool...
  12. Nelsun

    Dumb question: Yellow CLS Rot Resistance

    The yellow treated CLS framing stuff - how rot resistant is it compared to standard tanalised rough sawn? To be clear (oh Lord I sound like a politician saying that :roll: ) this is the stuff I'm on about: I've Googled to no avail. My local wood yard and neighbour who's just built his own...
  13. Nelsun

    70th birthday present for a newbie scroll sawer?

    My dad turns 70 on the 14th and my sister is after a present for him. He's just got the scroll saw bug and is awaiting an Axminster monster saw to replace his first £100 Sealey one. Any good books to be had or any other bright ideas?
  14. Nelsun

    1760s Handrail Refinishing Advice

    1760s Handrail Refinishing Advice Hi folks, A friend of mine is renovating a very old and very lovely building in Lerwick built in 1760. She'd posted a pic on Facebook asking for recommendations for finishing the stairwell handrail and alarm bells starting ringing as recommendations for Danish...
  15. Nelsun

    Scored some hardwood - Sapele?

    My neighbour appeared yesterday with a trailer full of wood from the local doctors house which has been getting a major facelift these past few weeks. He very kindly let me pick out some bits before chopping it up to burn. I picked out some hardwood which he reckoned had come from an ex...
  16. Nelsun

    Drone + chainsaw = ???

    What fun is there to be had dangling a chainsaw under a drone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Viwwetf0gU Needs lasers.