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    3 phase converter

    Hey guys I'm looking at a 3 phase machine at a great price. It's 400V, 635W machine. What converter would I need and would this be an electricians job to install in the workshop? Or does it simply plug into the wall?
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    Bandsaw for Metal and Wood, what are my options

    There's a Scheppach MBS1100 around for £200 that will cut steel, but if like a bandsaw that will also cut wood accurately. Anyone have any recommendations, around the £500ish mark.
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    Axminster price increases

    I paid £850 for the Axminster Craft AC250PT about 2 years ago. Pretty stunned to see it at £1300 today. Also got the Harvey Table saw shortly after it was released 18 months ago. Thats gone up by a grand. Was thinking about selling the Planer, could I get more than I spent on it?
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    Sold Scheppach TS81 Table Saw

    Didnt take long. Got 350. Is that about right?
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    Sold Scheppach TS81 Table Saw

    Selling due to upgrade. 8 inch saw, really good condition. Cost me £600 a couple of years ago. £300? Buyer to collect. Manchester
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    Axminster AT254LTS OR AT254TS

    So it's https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-t ... ion-104501 Or https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-t ... saw-105573
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    Axminster AT254LTS OR AT254TS

    One comes with the right hand extension with a space for a router one doesn't, there is a £1200 difference in price and apart from the machined right hand router table, cast iron bit, it's the same saw. I want the router table, but I could just make it. What would you do? It's a big price difference
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    Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

    As the Baleigh does not acccomadate a router lift I'm going with the Axi and I'll make a wing for the left and live in hope that Axi stock it at some point in the future.
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    Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

    Get Hands Dirty has left a review on the site regarding this saw. She also isn't happy about no left hand extension and she also cant work out where to put the power button if you don't take the sliding table as an option.
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    Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

    You'd think they would. Had an email convo today about it. I'm planning on spending 3k in total and they actually went as far as to say there's no where I could even source the left hand wing from. Suppose I could make one, pretty annoying really tho.
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    Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

    I just spoke to them and yes they do have the ts 1020ws in stock, they're going to check if they can get one with the left wing as opposed to the sliding table. Pretty helpful really, and would be exactly what I m after. I assume that the router insert would be a more standard size so I could...
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    Baileigh Industrial TS-1040E-50 Cabinet saw

    I'm in two minds about what saw to get here. I want the router table attachment that come with the Axminster version, as well as the dado set, router lift and zero clearance insert all available with Axminster, buts what preventing me from taking the plunge is the lack of a left hand extension...
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    Favorite YouTube woodworker

    Four eyes furniture is great. Co hosts an excellent podcast as well called Modern Maker who, as a collective, also produce clamps and a finish. His socials are good too. Pask Makes has a great workbench vid which I made. But it has to be Paul Sellers. I just love the way he says 'like thissss'
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    Makita Air Nailer/Compressor/Hose Reel

    The supplied air hose with my compressor failed pretty quickly after purchase so I thought I'd do things right and get hold of a proper retractable air reel I can mount. Picked up a SIP product from Tool Station today with 1/4 fittings that they sell. These quick release fittings don't fit my...
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    Electrics upgrade

    I was charged 940 for a new fuse box, 5 new double outlets, moving the 16 amp plug, 2 new led strip lights and a fan. Felt pretty ripped off tbh and they broke my alarm.
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    Business costs and rates.

    An accountant will be some of the best money you spend when setting up. Also it can be surprisingly easy to find yourself skirting with the dreaded VAT threshold.
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    Business costs and rates.

    If he's selling stuff online etc from his garage I believe he would need to apply for change of use, this would leave him open to paying rates, paying for bin collections etc. I run a business from home, I have an outside catering business and I get around this as I don't sell directly from my...
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    New Woodworker, New Woodshop

    In Birmingham for 3 days, Sunday.
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    New Woodworker, New Woodshop

    Ive pretty much finished to kitchen. Mega, looks nice. Now I can concentrate of the Workshop. It needs a new door, it has an old up an over and I would like a side hinged timber door. Ive had a good search around the internet and have discovered that it can be dangerous to remove the old...
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    First Project

    https://youtu.be/ybWrsqUA0HA I love Pask Makes.