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  1. J

    Health & Safety, has it gone to far?

    I'm just a hobby woodworker, but I've got a ten year old grandson showing interest in woodworking. He's the youngest of eight grandchildren, and the first one to show any interest at all. Now I have a real obligation to make sure I show him only the safest ways to do things. It will all be...
  2. J

    Health & Safety, has it gone to far?

    It's the common sense that's missing. It's not really "common" any more. Instead of learning to do things from people who know how, everyone thinks they can become experts, simply by going on line, and watching a few videos. (Oops. I may resemble that remark myself, at times). The point is...
  3. J

    Wood Working Quiz!

    It's a good thing he glued it together first!
  4. J


    I totally agree. I haven't been on here for a while. My employment leaves little time for such things in recent months, but if I'm going to waste away, sitting at a computer, I want to be reading about tools or wood, for the most part. If I must hear about what someone had for breakfast, then...
  5. J

    Very, very, very annoyed. 2 things.

    I must agree with the comment regarding the American Woodworking Videos. (I AM an American too). Statements like "I'm gonna go ahead and.." drive me up the wall! I think I know exactly who you're talking about. I am also irritated by the same guy's constant thrashing around with his hands...
  6. J


    I always considered "backsaw" to be a generic term for any saw with the reinforced "Back", with a Dovetail saw being one type.
  7. J

    Moxon Vice build

    Love the way you created a little mini bench atop the main workbench. Good use of materials!
  8. J

    Digging Bar Tips

    My bar is hexagonal, six feet long, with a chisel on one end, and a point on the other. About an inch and a half in diameter. I like the hexagonal shaft, because it's easier to keep your grip when you start sweating. And you will be sweating if you heave that bar for more than a few minutes...
  9. J

    The only unfriendly "native" I came across

    Their definition of "play" is rather like a house cat "playing" with a bird it's caught. One playful swipe to the head, with a front paw the size of a tennis racket, and you're done for.
  10. J

    What do you mean it could be dangerous???

    When I see something like that, I always think it's very interesting, but have to ask myself why anyone would bother doing it that way. Another example of Americans (sorry guys) finding a way to do something with a power tool - the wrong power tool, that is more work than doing it the normal...
  11. J

    US vs UK woodworking

    Yes, the US does focus more on power tools. You can probably thank the New Yankee Workshop for that, but I think the trend toward mixing hand work with power tools is getting stronger all the time. It's a bit of a laugh sometimes, reading the various magazines. On one page, they tell you to...
  12. J

    DIY Quartersawing Advice

    Yes, I would recommend following through. I've been tinkering with the same sort of thing of late. I plan to post pictures when I get a bit farther along. All the comments about twisting grain are correct, as you will find, as soon as you start trying to split the log. I used a chainsaw down...
  13. J

    Henry Diston back saw

    Found a picture, similar to the type saw I was talking about.
  14. J

    Henry Diston back saw

    It looks like someone cut the lower end off of a panel saw, then bent the brass back to conform to the curve. On some panel saws, the back of the blade is curved, exactly like that.
  15. J

    American terms

    The term you are asking about, if you REALLY don't know, originally referred to an apparatus used by women for personal hygiene. I won't go into any more detail than that. It is intended to be an insult, obviously. It was derived from some movie script, I presume. The term has been around in...
  16. J

    American terms

    I'm really sorry I missed the beginning of this thread. I may as well offer this. I hope it doesn't anger anyone. In America, there are a lot of people returning to hand tools, after having used power tools, almost exclusively, for years. I am in that category. In middle school, in my home...
  17. J

    Confessions of a cheat - Lance Armstrong

    I feel sorry for all the people over the years, who didn't take drugs, and who should have won all those races that he won by cheating....Assuming there WERE others who didn't take drugs. It may be that you'd have to go all the way to fourth of fifth place to find competitors who didn't use...
  18. J

    Chainsaw Instruction

    I've used a chainsaw extensively for the last 30 years or so, and have never had an accident. As someone said, above, there is a huge difference between just cutting up logs, and felling trees. Aside from the obvious dangers of dropping a tree on yourself, other people, or valuable property...
  19. J

    God Bless America

    All good points....Hate to break the bad news to you, but yes, many Americans ARE that stupid. The functional intelligence of the average American has dropped drammatically in the last twenty years or so. I see young college graduates, who couldn't have finished high school thirty years ago...
  20. J

    God Bless America

    Many people do eat the deer they kill. There are processing houses that only open during the Fall and Winter, for just that purpose. Sadly, many people are only after that trophy buck, with the large antlers. As someone else mentioned, deer are severely overpopulated in much of the United...