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    Black stains after stripping oak table - any suggestions?

    Hi Tim You've done a great job on that. The warm colour on the top is really good. Just watch out for sloshing red wine on it as it goes really deep into oak (don't ask me how I know) Cheers Andrew
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    Router for CNC machine

    The right file output is not for the axbb-e controller but for the software you use to drive it which will be UCCNC or one of the mach 3 or 4 versions. The sofware you use to design your project will give you the right output files via its postproccesor as g code (there is quite a list of...
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    *Amateur* How do you finish Birch plywood?

    For preparation light damping of surface with a moist sponge , leave to dry and sand down lightly with 320 - 240 abrasive (good quality) I would use an acid catalyst laquer satin finish 2 coats 1st thin and rubbed down to give a smooth surface 2nd to give build and protection. Keeping the dust...
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    Joke thread

    Tramp walks over to a paint shop opposite his park bench. He walks up to the counter and asks the assistant if he can have a bottle of methylated spirits. The assistant says "I know you, your'e one the alcoholics from the park opposite, i'm not selling it to you to drink" The tramp says to him...
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    Startrite 352 bandsaw

    Thanks for that link Mike, I bought my 352 from Tyzacks in Old St I think it was about 1980 450 quid at the time and it's done sterling service. I've resawn 8inches rosewood with it although it does struggle a bit and cuts out on and off with such thick cuts in hardwood but it will do it. I...
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    Wax over Danish oil , how soon?

    I think you're going to have to wait a week or so. You should really only put on a coat per day as the oil dries mainly by oxidization, I think once it's hard to the touch then your good to go with the wax. Cheers Andrew
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    Maple and Tung oil

    If you need stewmac stuff these guys Madinter España: Maderas para Luthiers - Wood for Music (Tonewood) supply from Europe although I suppose thats not really relavent as the brits have left the EU. But they've got plenty of other stuff you might find usefull. Cheers Andrew By the way it's...
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    Maple and Tung oil

    Shellac would work like a very thin sealer coat. It's used because it's compatible with most finishes. It could help reduce patchiness. Personally I don't use it much. If your'e having problems with danish oil soaking to deep into end grain I would apply the oil sparingly with a sponge or tissue...
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    Maple and Tung oil

    Hi Kivesto Sorry about the rant again. Thanks for posting the picture .Maple is usually a quite forgiving wood to oil. I would use Rustins danish oil a finish. I've been using that stuff as long as I can remember. Don't buy a big can as if you don't use much it can go off after a while 12months...
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    Maple and Tung oil

    I'm trying not to be rude or stroppy and it's not a bash on Dave. From what I can gather someone has asked him to do the work on a neck that they have bought (probably from ali express or even from someone reselling Chinese "quality" products as hand made or whatever) and Dave is trying his...
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    Maple and Tung oil

    Hi Dave That's deffinitely chinese. It looks like youv'e got a swirl in the grain which makes the wood look dark. Otherwise it looks ok. The only ways to fix that would be sand back a bit and bleach with oxalic acid to even the colour out a bit. If it gets too light a little stain something...
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    Maple and Tung oil

    The question really is - is it a Chinese kit ? some are ok and some are real rubbish. I bought one just to see how they were the body was ok apart from a few cracks in the end grain, had a really nice solid maple top. The neck was basically ok but had a real kink in the fingerboardd that can only...
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    Maple and Tung oil

    Did you make it yourself ? or did you buy it ? Sorry I should have made the question clearer also which kind of maple was it ? Cheers Andrew
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    Maple and Tung oil

    What brand was the neck ?
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    Maple and Tung oil

    Was the neck laquered previously or if new maybe had some sealer on it. A good sanding should sort it out. Cheers Andrew
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    Black stains after stripping oak table - any suggestions?

    Hi Tim Tonally the sanded top doesn't look too far off the shade of the legs. I would first wet down the wood with some meths, and see how the shades match up. Then use some thing like a spirit based golden oak for the whole lot and then use a slightly darker shade of oak to blend the shades...
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    Black stains after stripping oak table - any suggestions?

    The legs are beech. oxalic acid or rustins 2 part bleach should do the trick. You might have to do it a few times. Cheers Andrew
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    Do biscuits add strength? Solved!

    Never seen a rabbit drinking Guiness either. Cheers Andrew:)
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    Electrical switch for DAYLIGHT not night

    I just fitted a solar panel about 40cm square onto the roof of my greenhouse used a car cigar lighter usb adapter and ran some usb fans. I also got a larger fan with a lithium power pack that charges ok with a sloar panel /usb connection but that one is manually switched when it gets really hot...
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    Another wood ID

    A good test for cherry is plane a piece and then cover a section and see how quick the colour changes after a day or two. Years ago I planed up a piece and left a cabinet scraper on it in the sun, after a couple of hours there was a strong shadow on it. cheers Andrew