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  1. MikeG.

    Not everyone finds woodwork quite so easy.

    Forgive me if this tale is a little mysterious, but I'm going to tell you a story. A few weeks ago I did a quick drawing for a fellow forumite who was running into a few problems with his shed. It took me about 45 minutes, I guess. I've known all along that this poster has some serious health...
  2. MikeG.

    Library shelves

    One of my forthcoming jobs includes designing a private library. This will be in solid timber, and I am curious as to whether or not there are timbers to avoid. Do any timbers (or any finishes) react with books?
  3. MikeG.

    Kitchen dresser

    I've had a really bad back for a few weeks, so the various jobs that I've wanted to do have been on hold, and I have tottered out to the workshop now and then to plod on with an easy filler of a job..making a new dresser for the kitchen. This will be a 6 foot long dresser with upper and lower...
  4. MikeG.

    Stanley Plastic Plane Handles

    Help me out with this please chaps. I have recently acquired a Stanley no. 5 which has a (broken) red plastic handle, but an oak(?) knob. Which is likely to have been original to the plane? I suspect the plastic handle has been transferred from elsewhere, as the other plastic handled Stanley I...
  5. MikeG.

    A handsaw for plywood only

    I have a couple of spare handsaws awaiting restoration. At the moment I am cutting rather a lot of ply, and it has crossed my mind that one of the saws, which has virtually no teeth, might be worth filing smooth and re-cutting to suit the nasty lightweight splintery Far Eastern plywood which...
  6. MikeG.

    Dovetail saw, bog oak handle now SOLD

    This is surplus to requirements. It is a brass backed re-handled saw with 16PPI (rip cut), sharpened. To make it very clear, this is a restored old saw (make unknown), not a new saw. It's a little beauty, cuts really nicely, but I've got another virtually identical. £50 inc p&p (UK mainland...
  7. MikeG.

    Planer blade sharpening jig

    My back is stuffed at the moment, so I'm just fiddling about. Rather than laying concrete, which was the original plan, I decided to have a go at making a jig for sharpening my planer knives. Now, it's easy to think of a simple jig to hold the knives in place before running a diamond plate over...
  8. MikeG.

    Converting a flat bottomed spokeshave to round bottom.

    Before I wreck a perfectly good but quite worn wooden spokeshave, has anyone done the experiment of converting from flat bottomed to round bottomed? I really can't see why it wouldn't work. The work should still present at the front edge of the blade at the same angle, it's just that the back...
  9. MikeG.

    Drill Till

    Is that what it's called? Anyway, using scrap from an old Ikea hanging thing (wardrobe would be dignifying it unjustifiably), and hand tools only, I finally, 40 years on, made somewhere to keep all those loose drill bits in order: I painstakingly plugged and Dutchmanned all the old fixing...
  10. MikeG.

    Minor computer irritation. Can anyone help?

    This happens only when opening a Draftsight drawing. Every time I open a drawing, I get a pop-up saying: (name of drawing).dwg is in use by Mike at Desktop NF41SU2. Do you want to open it Read-Only? The point is, this happens every time, even if it is the first thing I do when I start the...
  11. MikeG.

    New forum format

    We've only just got over the last major overhaul! :) It seems we have lost "Thanks" and "Like", had our Ignore lists scrubbed, and gained some Scrabble letters down the left hand side of the screen. I'm sure the sky will fall in as a result. Couldn't there have been some warning of the...
  12. MikeG.

    Joiners: design critique, please.

    I need some input on the design for my rooflight, if you wouldn't mind. There is an existing upstand, and I need to plonk some joinery on top of this. The rooflight also provides roof access, and I am proposing using cranked hinges on one of the long sides. I am not sure whether to do an...
  13. MikeG.

    Brick built BBQ and oven

    Just thinking ahead, does anyone have any wisdom for me as I design a brick BBQ and oven (we don't just cook pizzas in the oven, so it isn't a "pizza oven"....it's an oven)? How complex is it to add a small smoker? I've loads of room for it, so this thing can be all-singing-all-dancing.
  14. MikeG.

    Guardian list of mystery objects at Science Museum

    ....includes a couple of tools. Here's the list. The fret saw is obvious. I've emailed them and suggested they post here if they want further information. Is the second tool used for packing sand in around a pattern-piece in a foundry?
  15. MikeG.

    Bending mild steel to a set radius.

    I want to bend some 80x3 MS to a 300mm radius. I don't have any rollers or the like for doing it, so will make a former and a lever to pull it around. What radius should I make my former?
  16. MikeG.

    Has anyone here made an opening rooflight?

    Not a lantern, but a glazed rooflight. If so, is it inevitable that I'll need a stepped DG unit? Any tips or experience welcome, photos are better, and detail sections better still.
  17. MikeG.

    Record QR engineering vice

    Does anyone know what this monster is, and whether it is worth anything? I've never seen a metalworking vice with QR before:
  18. MikeG.

    Microsoft Edge: how do I get rid of it?

    The damn thing appeared on my screen last night, and there appears to be no way of getting rid of it. If anyone else did this it would treated at a cyber attack. Does anyone know what I have to do to rid myself of this plague?
  19. MikeG.

    Tiffling with the bench

    Due to a weather-related hiatus in brick-laying, I found myself in the workshop without a plan and a few hours on my hands. So, I thought I would tackle the front edge of my bench. It's been a mess for many years: Unfortunately, I don't hold stock of beech, so this could only be a patch...
  20. MikeG.

    Oak settle: minor alterations (finished).

    Goodness knows how many years ago, maybe 15 or 20, I made a couple of oak settles. I even posted about it on a forum somewhere, and one or two of you have been around long enough to perhaps have seen them back then. One of them has had a really tough life, having been parked in front of the...