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  1. Argee

    Argee's Workshop

    Due to deteriorating health, I am selling the contents of my workshop. Nothing can (or will be able to) be posted, so it will mean collecting from Crowborough, East Sussex, if you're interested. The scroll saw has gone and I won't be selling either my Makita compound mitre saw, or my Triton...
  2. Argee

    Not many hand tools!

    http://woodgears.ca/workshop/jacques/index.html Ray
  3. Argee

    Niki's Widow

    I hear from a mutual friend that Regina, Niki's widow, would be pleased to receive individual e-mails from his fellow woodworkers and forum contributors. Her e-mail address (not a link, to avoid address-harvesters) is
  4. Argee


    I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before. :) Ray
  5. Argee

    Faststone Image Viewer

    I have no connection with the company, but highly recommend their viewer, available as freeware here for those not already aware of it. As a serious photographer, with loads of image work to do on a regular basis, I particularly like the extra information and tools available in full-screen...
  6. Argee

    Can you guess the last line?

    I doubt it! Speakers on, click here :) Ray
  7. Argee

    Hip (hoo)Ray!

    I went into the operating theatre at 13.30hours on Tuesday and was awake again at 15.30. with a total replacement right hip. I had quite a raging thirst and managed to drink two water jugs dry, together with three cups of tea over the next few hours, at which point I vaguely recalled being told...
  8. Argee

    Hip Replacement

    It appears that I need both my hip joints replacing. I'm guessing that they'll want to do one at a time, although I've heard that it's possible to get the whole job done in one go, if there is adequate home support. My X-Rays and assessment are booked for September 8th., so I've got a little...
  9. Argee

    Another Time-Waster!

    Enjoy! :) Ray
  10. Argee

    Windows 7 RC

    Anyone trying Windows 7 RC yet? I'm downloading it as I type, but if you've had any horrendous experiences with it, please share them with me! :) Ray
  11. Argee

    Triton Router and Saw Brushes - Update

    It looks like I may have found a source for these brushes. I've bought a pair of what I think are the correct ones to try in my router. If they work OK, I can then buy in a few more pairs for anyone who needs some. If I am successful, it would help to know how many would be interested in a spare...
  12. Argee

    Spotify, anyone?

    I've only just discovered this application ( http://www.spotify.com/en/ ) and I can't imagine how I missed it before. It's a free streaming music player and the range and quality of the tracks are excellent. There's an advert every 20 minutes or so on the free version, but that's no big deal...
  13. Argee

    Search Me!

    Has anyone else tried www.searchme.com - it's a "visual" search engine, along Apple's Safari v4 lines. I quite like it, albeit after only a short acquaintance. :) Ray.
  14. Argee

    Nine-letter Word

    Can you think of a nine-letter, common English word that remains a proper word each time you remove a letter from it? Ray
  15. Argee

    Safari v4

    You may not be aware that Apple's Safari Browser is now into v4 and it's a heck of a lot faster now, even for PCs. You can get it at http://www.apple.com/safari/ :) Ray
  16. Argee

    The Logic of a Wife

    After being married for 40 years, I took a careful look at my wife one day and said, "40 years ago we had a cheap flat, a cheap car, slept on a sofa bed and watched a tiny black and white TV, but I got to sleep every night with a very hot 20-year-old." "Now I have a £400,000 home, a £35,000...
  17. Argee

    H & S Look Away!

    Have a look here :shock: Ray
  18. Argee

    Near Miss!

    Have a look at this for a near miss! :) Ray
  19. Argee

    How's Your Geography?

    Try this time-waster. :) Ray.
  20. Argee

    Sheep on the 'phones

    I don't know if you've seen these before, apologies if you have, but I think they're much more like art than an unmade bed, a pile of bricks or half a cow! :) I love the feet, made from the handsets. There must have been quite a few metres of telephone handset cable in these creations! :)...