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  1. Trainee neophyte

    Another river table method:

    A bit more literal then usual: (Apparently this is more of a cooking channel, and very Chinese.)
  2. Trainee neophyte

    Help with buying bowl gouge and roughing gouge

    I have finally got my lathe up and running, and I have played around a bit, sufficient to realise I don't know what I am doing. I have a selection of cheap gouges, etc - probably on a par with Silverline quality-wise, but the box says proudly "Made in China ", so they must be quite good ;-)...
  3. Trainee neophyte

    My first frivolous and bendy project

    I only ever make things that are useful, and necessary, and usually would be expensive to buy. This is different. It all came about because some friends sent me a hammock with stand so I could assemble it and put it in their holiday home. Unfortunately, I looked at it and realised that it is...
  4. Trainee neophyte

    D4 glue cleanup

    Up until now I have been using standard PVA glue, mostly 500ml D3 because it is what I find on the shelf of my local hardware/builders merchant. I sent my fabulous wife out to get some more, and she came back with 750ml of D4 for the same price as 500ml of D3. I am much impressed, especially as...
  5. Trainee neophyte

    Disappointing walnut planks?

    I have finally started on the walnut tree I was given, with results I wasn't expecting: Am I right in saying that the only usable wood is the narrow dark strip in the middle? If that is the case, an entire tree is going to yield one 3"x 3" block, 4' long. No wonder wood is expensive! I'm...
  6. Trainee neophyte

    Don't let women see your equipment in action!

    The continuing saga of the windows has me planing and chiseling and sanding the nub of window sill still attached to the house. To clean up the mess I brought out my new (less than 2 weeks old) dust/chip extractor, which did a perfect job. However, Chief Interior Design Consultant sees it in...
  7. Trainee neophyte

    Termites ate my window frames!

    MikeG asked if anyone was doing anything woody, but rather than swamp his thread I thought I would post this separately so people can avoid it if preferred. I know I want to pretend it isn't happening. Anyway - on to the photos: this is a window that hasn't been eaten. And a detail: Here's...
  8. Trainee neophyte

    Gift of a walnut tree

    I put the word out a few days ago to friends and neighbours regarding any decent sized lumps of wood that might be free to a good home, as it were. Now I have my new bandsaw, I am eager to start collecting hardwood, because my three grades of available stock at the woodshop are pine, scaffold...
  9. Trainee neophyte

    Sliding table rip jig?

    I have just added a sliding table to my baby table saw, (Axminster craft ac216ts) and it is fabulous - recommend to everyone! However, I want to make a jig to let me rip as well as cross-cut, and hold on to little bits, which I find stressful even with push sticks. In other words, use the...
  10. Trainee neophyte

    Chainsaw madness

    I am currently cutting up next year's firewood. Well, actually it will be firewood in 2023/24, but you know what I mean. I thought someone might be interested to see the mad, Heath-Robinson system I use. Firstly, almost all the wood I have is long and thin - pruning from the olive harvest. Most...
  11. Trainee neophyte

    Sub £30 wet/dry vacuum cleaners

    I don't get out much, so I have only just discovered that Amazon sell ludicrously cheap vacuum cleaners, such as this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AUTLEAD-3-fuct ... 260&sr=8-5 There seem to be a number of them, all around 1,000 watts, and all with both great and appalling reviews - the great...
  12. Trainee neophyte

    Which band saw, which dust extractor?

    Much to my suprise, I am suddenly in the market for a band saw, and I don't have ANY dust extraction yet. Because Axminster offer free delivery to Greece, their Craft AC1950 @ £400 seems to be about the level I could justify. However, all their dust extraction kit looks insanely expensive, and...
  13. Trainee neophyte

    Scratter Vs wood chipper

    This is sort of wood related: on my list of very important jobs, somewhere near the top, has been the manufacture of a scratter (apple annihilator/pulper, for those who don't make cider). Up until now, I have used a small, Italian wood chipper to do the job, but it is not at all appropriate...
  14. Trainee neophyte

    Butt joint panels

    I freely admit that I have been a bit of a Muppet, and now throw myself on the good graces of the forum. I am replacing the awful bathroom cabinet that sits under (and pretends to support) the basin in my otherwise fabulous bathroom. It is the only bit of MDF in the house, and I have always...
  15. Trainee neophyte

    Infinite supply of olive wood - now what?

    Apologies for the heading, but I have what amounts to an inexhaustible supply of olive wood. This is because I live on an olive farm, surrounded by other olive farms. I only realised what this means the other day when I found out what other people pay for turning blanks. Now, I have a log pile...