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    bradshaw sash vid

    If you use a modern dry-glazing system, it surely makes some sense to internally bead. I made the sash windows for our house (in Accoya) with 24mm DGU basically copying the drawings from one of the big commercial manufacturers of wooden sash windows who put the CAD drawings of their ranges...
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    Which plywood to buy - Kitchen base cabinets

    Cabinets used to be 15mm, they are now usually 18mm and decent ones are not going to fall apart. Everything for kitchens is modular, so drawer inserts will be sized to neatly fit standard cabinets constructed in 18mm etc. IMHO the skill in making a nice kitchen is planning and attention to...
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    Plane fun

    I do find it thought provoking that I regularly use an ordinary wooden hollow plane (for e.g. rounding off window boards) marked "B.Dyson" as the maker, which makes it 1772-1791 - before Trafalgar!!
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    Which plywood to buy - Kitchen base cabinets

    99% of kitchen cabinets are made from faced mdf or particleboard. Why do you want to use plywood? Unless you want odd sizes, it isn't really worth making base cabinets as they are readily available in different qualities and finishes in all the usual modular sizes, and the materials to make your...
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    Ripping thin strips of wood from PSE timber

    Common problem. Solution - take a multitool, position architrave and temporarily pin. Run the multitool down the plaster tight to the arch making a shallow cut. With same multitool cut in sideways from the door casing removing some of the plaster. Fit architrave. Run a small bead of decorators...
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    Axminster price increases

    DIYDad has the best answer. Shipping costs from far east have skyrocketed, plus additional import paperwork etc. Think what the kit would cost if manufactured in the UK. Take a band saw at £1200. 20% is VAT so the base selling cost is £1000. The retailer wants 25% margin so his buying cost is...
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    Grinder Chainsaw Disc attachment Safety alert

    These should be banned too 3 PCS 115mm Carbide Saw Blade 4.5" Angle Grinder Circular Saw Blade for Woodworking Cutting Wood Plastic 40 Teeth : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools Why anyone would ever attempt to use a circular saw blade in an angle grinder I do not know. It's bad enough using a thin...
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    Sash window - a bit lost

    If you are handy enough to cut out the rot and remake the bottom of the window and make a decent job of it, you are handy enough to remake the whole window. The cill is actually the part with the most complexity to its shape. The rest is all planks with grooves in. You can buy all the beads...
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    Sash Windows

    great job!. A question on your M&T's. It doesn't look quite like a wedged tenon? what did you do? When I made mine I considered the traditional approach but 1) I couldn't face cutting 64 haunched tenons (for 8 windows), and 2) I though that accoya would be too brittle for wedges and would break...
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    Reusing wood from old antique furniture?

    I broke up an awful old dresser and used the carved and shaped parts to make a fireplace surround. It's nothing new to break up old stuff. My grandfather was a piano dealer through the 60-70's. The cheap english straight strung pianos had little value second hand, so when he traded one it was...
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    Drill Press issues

    +1 for the pbd 40. I looked for ages at pillar drills, and in the end I decided I didn't like the idea of cheaper "traditional" pillar drillswith clunky speed change. The PBD wouldn't cut it for precision engineering in metal (although it's perfectly capable for most jobs), but for wood the easy...
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    Sash Windows

    I'm not proselytising - just, as a DIYer, showing what I did. Take your point about ventilation - our windows are often cracked open which kind of makes the draught proofing irrelevant (until it's blowing a hooley and you want to batten down). I chose Teknos purely because I had read that pro...
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    Sash Windows

    I made a house full of sash windows in accoya a while back and found I could work to very tight tolerances. Accoya doesn't move about, and 3 years later they have stayed 100% stable. Mine were not traditional - based on design of one of the big suppliers who conveniently post CAD drawings -...
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    Wood isn't what it used to be? It's not the wood its the paint

    IMHO this is the reason. Traditional materials and well seasoned slowly grown softwoods last for decades. But modern softwoods just seem to move around too much, so paint finishes crack, and that's the end of it. I have had good success with Accoya and modern paint systems (I have been using...
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    Wood isn't what it used to be? It's not the wood its the paint

    It most certainly does. When I lived near Manningtree in Essex a local wood was nearly all sweet chestnut coppiced for chestnut and wire paling fences.
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    Good options for fixing to masonry fixing

    Are the fixings in shear or tension (i.e. are they downwards or trying to pull out?) If shear, just screw and plug. If they are in tension and the wall is crumbly then resin is a good option. Use gunned resin (drill a tapered hole) and a piece of thread bar. Once set, fix to the thread bar and trim.
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    Anyone with a Trend T11 router

    Hi. Have a look at a couple of pictures online - the 626 is completely different design - the depth stop arrangement is completely different. They won't be interchangeable.
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    Anyone with a Trend T11 router

    I do have a T11, but it's in my table, and can't easily access for measuring. I am 99.9% certain the DW625 and the T11 are the same machine apart from the extra below-table adjustments that can be made on the T11
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    Bosch POF500A

    POF500 was one of the first power tools I bought - probably about 1986 - Mine shows it was made by Scintilla in Switzerland. Still going strong, and still a great little router
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    Domino Jointers Are they really worth it, or just a gimic

    I bought a 700 specifically to make a load of sash windows - I couldn't face cutting 64 haunched mortise & tenons. It worked perfectly and 3 years on all joints are still tight (in Accoya). Since then I have used it for a few doors - a couple of 14mm dominos makes a good joint, and several other...