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    Have you had your booster jab ?

    Just a fyi A friend of mine has the first 2 injections and just received an invite for the booster - sounds good so far but he's due to go on a cruise soon. As cruise ships are extra cautious at the moment he expects to delay his booster just in case the booster makes him fail a pre board Covid...
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    Convert cheap battery drills to mains elec (UK)

    I know this answer is way different to the rest but why not simply use a corded drill? No hassle and it works every time. You can get them 2nd hand Gumtree FridayAd Ebay quite cheaply.
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    Filling (then building on) a pond.

    When I did similar a few years ago I did as ColinH2O suggested after bucketing the water out and throwing it on the grass (I don't have a pump) the water just soaked into the grass. My pond was filled by rainwater and sometimes a top up with hose pipe when its evaporated/hot weather. Then I...
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    Sharpening upgrade

    Now you've done it - said the sharpening word :) oops so have I
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    Help me choose a belt sander

    Care when ordering they do 240v domestic and 110v versions
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    Help me choose a belt sander

    9904 as the bigger size will give you more choice/flexibility the smaller one cant be made bigger but the bigger one can be used for smaller - if that makes sense - unless weight is an issue --- thats my pennyworth - better get some more toast and tea now :)
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Any idea what wood they were using to make the printing blocks?
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    No hole through headstock

    As Paulm says It has a MT1 taper "hole" in the spindle buy a simple spur drive and just push it it, easy to fit BUT before doing that screw on the thread protector or you will have a devils job in removing the spur drive
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    scheppach DMT450 drive belt?

    Drive Belt Solutions have them in stock
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    My thicknesser has munched its innards

    Ive no idea where you could get the rubber coating replaced and wonder would you need to give them the spec as to how thick is should be ie does it matter if its not exact? It seems Dart Tool Group based in Scotland look like the manufacturer and sell them as others do I would try them before...
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    Advice on Ebay, PayPal and collection

    To get full ebay buyers protection only pay ebay which is now the usual method. Paying paypal means the seller has not set up a bank account to get money they receive from ebay sales. Ebay don't use paypal anymore so any buyer wanting you to use paypal is not imo sound. DO NOT pay a deposit in...
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    Stihl petrol blower kill switch repair

    This might be called a how to fix it entry and praise for the SH55. Ive had this Stihl SH55 petrol engine blower for at least 20 years, very reliable its only used at leafy times of year such as now, maintenance wise only to change the primer bulb and a plug in all that time. However this year a...
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    Arundel J4 Lathe & Gryphon Motor - Opinions?

    Check the motor is 240V standard domestic supply and that it starts properly, check headstock spindle thread size - can you easily/economically buy chucks faceplates and suchlike? The bed looks short is it long enough for your purposes? As good as this lathe and motor probably are bear in mind...
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    No.5 jack plane blade advancement issue

    aha Perhaps a way to cure would be to put the cutting iron on a steel plate (or anvil part of a vice if you have a metal vice that has one) convex side it up and persuade it with a heavyish hammer (not a panel pin hammer) that little bit you need it to move.
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    Is this an eBay scam?

    I'd go for many buyers not fully compos mentis. I have a similar situation I can quote about an old 27" Apple iMac fully and so fully described as not working and discussed in emails as not working, it gets to UK destination and are then told the buyer has taken it to bits and cant repair it...
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    Funky Banjo

    Is there a washer between the head of the bolt and the banjo it tightens against? If not I would add a plain one and maybe a fibre washer between the bolt head and the plain washer just to give enough "catch" . Or plain washer and a spring washer between the head of the bolt and the plain washer
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    Just a 10 minute Planing task brings a good result

    Just thought I'd mention how I spent a little while today. So take a couple of cheap double sided Tesco Bamboo chopping boards that that been in daily use in my kitchen, cutting bread meat vegetables making tea and whathaveyou and of course they get wiped over scrubbed a bit to keep clean...
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    Is this an eBay scam?

    I'm sure you have already but --- go to eBay go to Help and Contact (at the top sort of left hand side) go to refunds and returns for sellers. Then to Request Assistance then down to Need More Help then keep scrolling down the page and at the very end you will find a Contact Us - should get...
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    Need belt for the mini lathe

    I would google around subject Sewing Machine drive belts might have to be a round belt but should be fine or speak to Motionco.co.uk - good luck
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    I don't believe it!!!

    +1 for Gumtree good for selling items locally or too heavy to post easily