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  1. SVB

    Chestnut products ‘Woodturning Weekender’

    How many on here are going to Chestnut products ‘wood turning weekender’ in person or on line? We’re going on person as the last one pre COVID was superb and cheap as chips in terms of value. some details below but I think more from their website. simon.
  2. SVB

    Sold Robert Sorby Proedge System

    Proedge system for sale. Also included: 1x Skew Jig 1x Fingernail gouge jig 1x Standard Gouge Jig System itself in good working order Fitted with fine belt, also blue (zirconium?) 60 grit course belt also included. I don’t have original box / packaging so will need to be collected from...
  3. SVB

    For Sale Tormek Jigs for sale

    Tormek gouge and multi-tool jig for sale. Complete with scraper holder for gouge jig and v base for multi-jig. Minor ‘overgrinding’ mark on ‘cheeks’ of gouge jig - do not effect use but mention for awareness. £75 for both, collection from GL6 or happy to post at buyer’s cost.
  4. SVB

    ‘Seascape’ piece - wip

    New project taking shape - “seascape”. Inspired by watching a Mike Hosaluk demo and leaving it in back of my mind to muse for a year or two! So far I’ve turned a simple footed bowl (Mark Hancock - this was one of the extra pieces of wet syc’y from one of your Jamie charity days!), and...
  5. SVB

    Sold Drill Press

    Atlas drill press for sale - not sure of exact age as I bought used but of a time where things were built properly! Some serious weight of cast iron in parts and table so really solid in use. Quality jacobs chuck that runs lovely and true. 8” chuck to table, approx 13” chuck to base...
  6. SVB

    Air compressor won’t pressurise up - help?

    Hi My sip air compressor won’t pressurise. The motor runs and air hisses out of the pressure switch assembly. The over pressure relief valve is seated but I think there is another valve in the pressure switch box that is not seating to allow it to build any pressure. is this a new pressure...
  7. SVB

    Masters golf

    Fantastic day 1 by Justin Rose. Will he keep this going? S
  8. SVB

    Threading jig

    Folks Has anyone bought / tried these threading jigs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294082250975 I know Simon Hope does a great one but that is more than twice the cost than I can’t really run to for occasional use. Thanks Simon
  9. SVB

    Alan Lacer Skew - BIG

    So one thing I’ve never really been 100% comfortable with has been my skew work - Having watched Alan Lancer demonstrate on several YT recorded ’club night’ sessions I decided to give his design of tool a go. A while ago I picked up a number of Record HSS larges scrappers new as part of a...
  10. SVB

    Scrapers - why not go negative

    So I’ve seen a lot about turners who use negative rake scrapers. loads of positives - easier to use, good finish on the timber, no catches, equal ability to shear scrape etc etc. In terms of regular scrapers only benefit I can see is that the edge / burr may last a little longer. so my Q is...
  11. SVB

    New pyro based project idea

    I’ve had an experiment at burning on one of my turnings. Inspired by the Turner Molly Winton, a basket weave type texture with some stylised flowers. Sort of thinking about some of the wild fires seen in US / Australia and new growth coming back. Would love to hear your thoughts and...
  12. SVB

    Little oak box

    Some nice time in workshop this afternoon. Simple little oak box, chestnut ebonising lacquer, silver gilt cream, W22 on outside and my favorite lemon oil finish on the Inside. simon.
  13. SVB

    Chuck jaws sizing jig

    Got fed up of keep measuring spigot sizes as had a bit of ‘seeing the light‘ moment recently when took time to size chucking points to jaws so they close to close to perfect round. My better hold and less marking timber. So, 20 min, aluminium door push plate, stamps and centre punch and got...
  14. SVB

    Tri wing bowl

    Tried something a little different this afternoon - made a tri-wing bowl trinket dish. (Made from a cube so how does it end up with three wings, not four - makes my head hurt!)
  15. SVB

    Little general purpose workshop mallet

    Made little workshop / carving mallet today. First time I tried the wire wool & vinegar mix to dye oak - worked really well. Head of mallet is a polished up M33 nut Simon
  16. SVB

    3D printing in Woodturning

    Folks, had a go making and using some 3D printed chuck jaws this weekend and worked out very well. not sure I’d want to grip a 14” wet log with them but for some out of balance necklace pendants they worked really well. these were at about the bed capacity of my noddy printer but makes you...
  17. SVB

    Aldi / Lidl centre isle

    Peeps, Is there an official spotter’s guide or something? I have o-rings, croc clips, misc picture hooks, wing nuts, rivets, washer set, nut n bolt set but I look everytime in case there’s a new on to the set. Some sort of Eye-Spy collectors book or perhaps even if each came with a sticker...
  18. SVB

    Painting mdf

    Hi all - some advice please im putting a shelf behind our corner sofa for people to stand drinks etc on and will be making it out of 1/2” mdf. what paint method will give a good result for this application please? I don’t have spray guns etc so will be applied simply (bristle or foam brush I...
  19. SVB

    Axminster stock levels

    Just had a look at the axminster site for a couple of items - pretty much everything across many categories is out of stock. Is this covid, Brexit or really bad demand forecasting? simon
  20. SVB

    DX recommendation/ advice

    Hi all. a friend of mine new to turning would like a simple extractor to deal with sanding dust etc. I’ve got a triple motor canvas I love but that is out of budget so he’s looking atthe Axminster AC50E unit in their Craft range. Anyone got one and can offer a view? thanks all Simon