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  1. OLD

    Lie Nielsen No. 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane SOLD

    Lie Nielsen No. 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane for sale with sock. Delivered to mainland tracked and insured. I really like this plane but the work i am doing and the very small amount of use does not justify keeping it. So it needs a new home as it works very well .Please see photos...
  2. OLD

    3 Vintage marples sash mortice + 1 mortice chisels

    3 Vintage marples sash mortice chisels 1/2 , 3/8 , 1/4 , + 3/16 .. Condition is Used. 1/2 very nice usable or collectable condition 14 inch long blade stamped, logo on handle.manufacture lines on ferrule not cracks. 3/8 very nice usable or collectable condition blade stamped and 'shadow' of...
  3. OLD

    My wife takes pictures + Alisons answers

    I think they are good, her latest are mostly in wales what do you think. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  4. OLD

    Grout for patio slabs

    Concrete slabs 5mm min joints. I have spent quite a lot of time removeing old morter and am power washing . Looking for your recomendation for the best grout that will stay stuck there are lots on youtube etc but i would like your best ideas please.
  5. OLD

    Fretsaw vibration

    Been given a SIP variable speed fretsaw (same as axminster awvfs and jet jss-16) mounted on plywood base but it sounds strange not a consistent sound and it moves along the bench due to vibration varying the speed alters the amplitude of the vibs. max speed does not reduce vibration .Is this...
  6. OLD

    Returning to wood turning which chuck

    Just got a record CL1 to replace my old coronet elf and the screw chuck fits but what modern chuck do I need lets say we start with small items/bowls any help will be appreciated.
  7. OLD

    Avast stops e mail download - Latest Update for infomation.

    Any recommendations for free av software i am using vista windows mail. I am commando no av at the moment.
  8. OLD

    Smaller tools dust extraction

    Axminster sell a100mm to 51mm reducer that connects to a 2.9m long hose and stepped adapter . If i use the main SIP 100mm extraction system which is external and use the above to various smaller power tools will this work ok has any one a similar set up, any info would be use full.
  9. OLD

    ebay items

    look at.lumber wood blanks , quite a sad story.
  10. OLD


    I am using Mozilla Firefox with a add on called Stumble upon, this finds webb pages according to your preferences and interests that you set up first, and can add or subtract from. Not much wood work but lots of other very nice sites for say photography design etc. might be worth a try or if you...
  11. OLD

    Stuff on ebay

    Noticed turning blanks and tools on today.
  12. OLD

    Surplus to requirements free for collection

    All working fine. Alarm unit and handbooks inc. new battery. external alarm and pcb, strobe+ spare and sounders ,all instructions Cable (not shown) Two timers 1 off+1on ADSL filters Door contact Alarm set up removed from my house and replaced with remote unit to free space.I can help with any...
  13. OLD

    managing photo storage

    Running cs3 full edition using c drive for programs and a temp. folder called 'for burning' a second hd.(main store) houses the album.Files are archived to DVDs and deleted from 'for burning' from time to time. Problem is the main store is filling up and current thinking is to have a 2tb...
  14. OLD

    Workshop stove problem

    As you might expect the flue for the stove sticks out the back of the shop this seems to be causing a problem with the police helicopter which hovers noisily above for a couple of minutes from time to time, twice today actually i think they are looking for cannabis farms quite popular local...
  15. OLD

    Error 0x80070052

    Our photo frame uses a 2gb sd card but when we attempted to load above 130mb we got the above disc error . The answer was to reformat using FAT32 then error/sector check, a simple solution for a strange problem .It was a sandisk card supplied formated in FAT.
  16. OLD

    Burning software what to get.

    Nero9 tends to take over and cannot create files and then add more until dvd is full. This software is required to archive pictures in photoshop format a few at a time till disc is full ,as a last resort back up. But what software do i use for this data burning please.
  17. OLD

    Consumer unit MK New

    This seemed like good value so i got one and its fine. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MK-CONSUMER-UNIT- ... 4a9cd7c489
  18. OLD

    Bathroom Vanity

    As part of a bathroom and heating upgrade i am building a oak vanity and am looking for suggestions for a suitable surface for the wash bowl to stand on can any one help please.
  19. OLD

    Down lights in a bathroom

    The bathroom ceiling has 10 inches of insulation over it is it ok to fit down lights and drop the insulation over them. I am concerned with the heat they give off and undecided on 12volt or mains also some would ideally be able to adjust the beam angle any help would be appreciated.
  20. OLD

    Heat loss calculations

    I have a long term plan to replace the central heating but because i am 9 inch brick that is difficult to insulate and want a system that gives a even heat . I would like to do the loss calcs. is there a book ,software or other resource available please. I see there is info on google but a...