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  1. Marineboy

    Victorian stud walls

    I am installing a handrail on the stairs in my Victorian house. The wall to which it will attach is a lath and plaster stud wall, so clearly I need to attach the brackets to the studs. Normally when trying to locate studs I have used the obvious method of drilling a line of closely spaced...
  2. Marineboy

    For Sale Blum cabinet hinges and handles - final reduction - SOLD

    I recently sold via this forum a load of hinges and handles from fitted bedroom furniture that my son had disassembled in his new house. Well, he's just knocked out the furniture in the second bedroom. Hardware is: 50 no. Blum 70 2550 100 degree sprung. No soft close. All bolts and screws...
  3. Marineboy

    For Sale Blum hinges and cabinet hardware - PRICE REDUCTION

    I recently sold via this forum a load of hinges and handles from fitted bedroom furniture that my son had disassembled in his new house. Well, he's just knocked out the furniture in the second bedroom. Hardware is: 50 no. Blum 70 2550 100 degree sprung. No soft close. All bolts and screws...
  4. Marineboy

    Damp in garage wall

    My son has just moved house and has a problem with his garage. It is brick built and the short side looks to have been built up against a concrete slab, or possibly the slab has been laid after the garage was built. The slab is 150mm, so is directly in contact with the bottom two courses of the...
  5. Marineboy

    Kitchen cabinet/wardrobe fittings - SOLD

    My son has just moved house and he has ripped out some bedroom fitted furniture. This looks to be reasonably high end and was fitted with Blum hinges and some nice handles. There are: 8 no. 70 655 clip on 170 degree hinges, one with clip on soft close. 25 no. 74 155 clip on 110 degree hinges...
  6. Marineboy

    Blum runner repair

    I needed to install a double socket on the wall behind one of my kitchen base units, so I removed the drawers and popped out the back panel before chasing out the plaster to accept the socket back box. However, stupidly, when doing the chopping out I neglected to protect the runners. As a...
  7. Marineboy

    Veneering a small piece

    I’m making a small box out of oak, about 250 x 180mm. For the lid I have a piece of santos rosewood veneer that I’ve had for ages and never used that I think will contrast nicely with the oak. I plan to use the veneer on a 6mm ply substrate which will be rebated into the box sides. My question...
  8. Marineboy

    Drilling cast iron soil pipe

    I’m redoing the bathroom and have decided the most elegant route for the waste is straight through the wall and into the adjacent soil pipe. I have the plastic boss which fits into a 57mm hole in the pipe and looks very neat. However, the challenge is drilling the hole. I’ve watched a YouTube...
  9. Marineboy

    Floor loading for bath

    I'm about to install a bath in the bathroom in our Victorian house - I removed the old grotty one several years back to replace with a shower cubicle, and I am only now getting round to putting one back. This involves knocking down a stud wall so will give me a considerably larger room. We are...
  10. Marineboy

    Which wood for Noah’s Ark animals?

    I’m in the process of making an ark and animals for my grandson’s Christmas present. I’ve made the ark from plywood, nicely sanded and rounded off and finished with Polyvine and wax. I plan to make the animals from solid timber using a thin blade on my bandsaw and then sanding to final shape...
  11. Marineboy

    Soft close hinges/stays for toy box

    I've knocked up the attached for my one year old grandson to keep his toys in order. It's 12mm MDF panels in softwood frame, 800 by 40 by 40. I've left the gap at the front to a) provide a grip to open the lid and b) mitigate the risk of fingers being caught/crushed. I would like to fit some...
  12. Marineboy

    Building up sub-floor

    My son has a small utility room attached to the rear of his 1960's house. It is about 2m by 2.5m. The floor is springy and uneven. We lifted the flooring the other day and found that there is a concrete sub floor (which is bone dry) on which the previous owners placed timber 'joists' about 100mm...
  13. Marineboy

    Replace double glazing unit - stupid idea?

    The upper floor of my house has two rooms with 3-sided dormer windows. Ever since we moved here I have been unable to clean the triangular side windows, other than a couple of years back when I removed the whole glazing units on both sides. This is not a feasible option to keep on doing on a...
  14. Marineboy

    Edge Sealing MDF

    I've a feeling this topic has been aired before (it may even have been me who aired it) but I can't find the thread so am asking again. I want to seal the edges of bog standard MDF for painting. I have tried everything - shellac sanding sealer, multiple coats of paint, wood filler worked in...
  15. Marineboy

    Lignum Vitae

    I’ve been given advice in a separate thread re replacing my bandsaw blade guides with LV. I’m trying to source what would be a tiny amount of the stuff (4 pieces about 5mm square by 30 mm long). So I’ve looked at pen blanks as the most logical way to achieve these sizes economically. Trouble is...
  16. Marineboy

    Inca Euro 205

    I’ve had this bandsaw for many years, and for my purposes it punches well above its weight. The machine’s only weakness is its lateral blade guides which are graphite blocks. I have searched in the past for replacement bearing type guides and all I could find were some very expensive US sourced...
  17. Marineboy

    Festool FS Rapid/R Clamp

    I bought this with my track saw a couple of years back. I’ve used it once I think - the way I work I just don’t need it. It’s currently £32 at N&B, I’ll let it go for £20 plus couple of quid postage. Nick
  18. Marineboy

    Reducing Fan Speed

    My wife is at that age (hormones) where she carries her own weather with her. She is always hot, and finds it difficult sleeping, particularly now it’s summer. On the other hand, I tend to feel the cold, so I have been thinking of a solution to make the bedroom environment suitable for us both...
  19. Marineboy

    Skip Find - Wood ID

    I rescued a coffee table from a skip yesterday. It has them label ‘Bradley, England’. I’ve googled this and it seems to be reasonably high end (machine cut dovetails for the drawer). It was damaged and incomplete, the inset glass top was missing and the drawer bottom had been hacked into, but...
  20. Marineboy

    Re-Osmoing worktop

    Simple question I hope - I Osmo’d my walnut worktops about 2 years back and they are starting to look a bit dull and water doesn’t sit on the surface the way it used to. I have a full tin of Top Oil and wondered if I need to sand the surface right back to bare wood before re-applying a couple of...